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The total expenditure on research and development of Chongqing was 36.464 billion RMB in 2017, with an increase by 20.7%. The number of patent licensing exceeded 34,800 items, and the possession of patents on effective inventions per ten thousand people reached 7.25 in 2017, with a rise of 31%.

There are 6,725 scientific and technological enterprises, 2,012 hi-tech enterprises, and 202 high-growth enterprises.1,463 research and development organizations have been introduced or cultivated, including 58 new-pattern ones. In 2017, the index of comprehensive science and technology progress and comprehensive regional innovation capability of Chongqing ranked the eighth nationwide for two consecutive years and acting as a leading role in western China.

Innovative Talents

There are 16 Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE). 560 innovative talents have been introduced by “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts”, “The Recruitment Program of Domestic Experts”, and “The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”, etc. 109 leading talents of technological innovation, technological ventures, and technological businesses.212 demonstration teams of “Self-business and Innovation by the Mass”. For those talents or teams who intend to make innovations and launch businesses in Chongqing, there are relevant policies that providing with special supports such as rewarding on science and technology, subsidizing projects, stimulating in stock rights, discounted interests with loans, the intellectual property pledge loan, evaluation of professional rank, aiding the self-business, etc.  

Either the significant industrial fields based on the plan of municipal development including motorcycle, petroleum and natural gas chemical industry, equipment manufacturing, material metallurgy, electronic information, and comprehensive energy, or the high-level talents from the key disciplines and laboratories in Chongqing, is warmly welcomed and positively introduced as a priority. Furthermore, the preferential policies are ready, which cover the settling-in allowance, income subsidy, projects supporting, talent cultivation, services guarantee, and so on.

Chongqing Talents Service Network: http://www.cqtalent.com

Platform of Innovation

 Chongqing College of University of Chinese Academy of Science(UCAS), Chongqing Research Institute of Chinese Engineering Science and Technology Development Strategy, Chongqing Institution of Green and Intelligent Technology of CAS, Chongqing Institution of Tongji University, Chongqing Medical Institution of UCAS, etc., have been settled in Chongqing. It also establishes some new superior R&D institutions with Chinese Academy of Weapon Science, Institute of Computing Technology of CAS, Harbin Institution of Technology, Jilin University, the University of California, Los Angeles(UCLA), University of Leuven(KU Leuven), and so on. Many famous international enterprises have established R&D Centers in Chongqing, including Continental AG, Qualcomm NXP. Besides, Sino-Hungarian(Chongqing) and SinoGerman (Chongqing) Int’l Technology Transfer Centers have officially launched in operation. There are 17 public and 8 private colleges and universities, plus 3 military academies in Chongqing. Universities with distinctive professional characteristics become important innovative platforms.

 There are 34 scientific and technological innovation parks in Chongqing, where has established a sketchy system covering national self-created zones, hi-tech zones, agricultural S&T parks, featured industrial S&T parks, and university science parks. Many intelligent parks develop well, such as the national robot industrial demonstration base in Yongchuan, the national logistics industry demonstration base in Nanan, the intelligent manufacturing and robot industry in Liangjiang New Area, and so on.

Driven by Innovation

The strategic project for development driven by innovation concentrating on big data and intelligentization has made great progress in significant R&D fields such as big data(BD), artificial intelligence(AI), Internet of Things (IoT), intelligent robot. Face recognition technology(FRT) have won the worldwide champions of intelligent recognition for many times. 8/12-inch semiconductor silicon chip breaks foreign monopolization. The optical alignment technology of large-scale substrate reaches the leading level in the world. Intelligent automobile technology keeps ahead in China. In the fields of neuropathic pathology, bombyx genome, cardiovascular metabolism, structural wind engineering, and so on, great significant results have been achieved. Supported by some key enterprises such as Cloudwalk and Kaize Technology, Chongqing forms an industrial R&D cluster of computing audio-visual and biometric recognition based on AI. Successively, Chongqing also has introduced and cultivated many leading enterprises, including Google, Microsoft, Inspur, Witmart, OSELL, and so on. The industry of cloud computing big data becomes an important support for the rapid growth of the software and information services industry in Chongqing.

Smart China Expo

Smart China Expo holds annually in Chongqing since 2018, which aims to set up a platform for the global intelligent industry related industry organizations, enterprises, experts and scholars to share an opportunity by summit forum, pioneer exhibition, road-event show, project cooperation and intelligent experience. It also reveals the action of Chongqing to the world in the era of great intelligence.


Western China International Fair for Investment and Trade

Western China International Fair for Investment and Trade is renamed and upgraded from “China (Chongqing) International Investment and Global Purchasing Conference” which had held twenty-one sessions, and it becomes a national exhibition with distinctive characteristics and authoritative specialty under the dynamic and resilient national policy of “the Belt and Road”


(source: The outline of Chongqing 2018)


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