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Zigong Innovation Center of Zhejiang University | 浙江大学自贡创新中心

Zigong Innovation Center of Zhejiang University, inaugurated in November 2013, is Zhejiang University's first legal entity for public benefits in southwest China. It is committed to developing into a five-sphere institution of innovation and entrepreneurship service that integrates technology R&D, commercialization of research results, industry incubation, strategic planning, as well as education, and training.


The Center has set up seven specialist service teams in the utilization of clean energy, environment-friendly materials, processing equipment of agricultural products, development strategy, electromechanical equipment, direct drive technology, and equipment, as well as salt health and personal care. It has fostered a high-level talent echelon led by academicians and members of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts.


The Center has 103 full-time and part-time staff, 50 with doctor's degrees or beyond 8 with master's degrees, making the masters and doctors combined number account for 66% of the total.


With approval from the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Sichuan Province, Zigong Innovation Center of Zhejiang University established a postdoctoral innovation practice base in 2016. It has attracted postdoctoral researchers in intelligent electromechanical equipment, materials science, and engineering, as well as engineering and technology of energy conservation and environmental protection.


Becoming a member of the postdoctoral specialist team at the Electromechanical Equipment and Intelligent Control R&D Center, the team is led by Professor Yao Bin and Professor Tong Shuiguang as the academic leader to provide technical guidance for the workstation. Adhering to the principle of "technology R&D, commercialization of research results, industry incubation, strategic planning, and talent training," the workstation has gathered an array of doctors with important academic influence at home and abroad and thus formed an innovative and competitive research force.


In view of doctors' academic background, we will carry out interdisciplinary research and explore new research directions with a focus on the transfer of technical research results and industrial innovation.


Postdoctoral positions involve majors in Control theory, Automation, Industrial robots, Mechatronics, Mechanical Design, Thermal Engineering, Electronic Information, Materials, Mechanics, Environmental Engineering, and other majors related to engineering. Other recruitment opportunities include R&D Assistant and Project Supervisor.


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