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Wulong to Play with White Snow in Winter

By XINYI LI|Dec 12,2019

Chongqing- In Chongqing’s winter, the weather is usually warm, especially in the urban area, so that it’s hard to see heavy snow covers here. However, Wulong is a special place where you can easily see snows in the city and even enjoy snow sports here.

The winter of Wulong is an amazing place with fairytale scenes, providing a place for visitors to enjoy snows and snowsports in Chongqing

Walk a little bit with friends or families to feel the life

Meeting with abundant tourism resources, Wulong constructs its unique methods of tourism according to the landforms. Wulong Karst National Geology Park, an important part of South China Karst, is situated at the lower reaches of the Wujiang River in southeast Chongqing. It was named as a world natural heritage by UNESCO in 2007. Wulong Karst features spectacular karst landscapes, including the three main parts of Furong Cave, Three Natural Bridges, Houping Giant Doline (Houping Tiankeng) and other scenic spots.

Wulong Karst Geological Park is the filming location of films Curse of the Golden Flower, directed by Zhang Yimou, and Transformers: Age of Extinction. It’s good to walk there to sightsee natural viewings there, with friends or families. You can chat with others while walking, immersing yourself in nature.

Wulong Karst Geological Park (click on the image to see more about the park)

Address: Xuansu Club, No. 3 Deiss David Camp, Wulong, Chongqing, China

Transportation: Chongqing – Chongqing Inner Ring Expressway – Baotou-Maoming Expressway – Wulong District – Fairy Mountain National Forest Park

Price: 125 yuan/person

Opening hours: 9:00-16:00

Recommended touring time: three to four hours

The fairytale snows in Wulong

Among those amazing peaks in Wulong, there is one peak that looks like a dancing fairy, therefore, getting the name Fairy Mountain. The winter scene of Fairy Mountain is surrounded by rolling mountains and dense forests with vast grassland in the middle. When all this is shrouded by snows in winter, it presents a holy beauty of the world of white. Wrapped in silver makeup, the snow, misty, and ice-falls are breathtaking, giving the place a northern snowfield scenery.

There are snow sports such as sled riding, flying saucers, ski boats, and more, in the ski resort there.

Snowsports items there

After playing exciting sports, it’s good to get some delicious food. In China, winter is the best season to have some mutton to resist the cold weather. Wulong is a perfect place to have some hot mutton pot because lambs here are free-range on the mountain so that the mutton is absolutely tender. Moreover, the whole roasted lamb here is fantastic. With carefully picked seasonings, lambs are crisp and tender. After that, having some mutton soup is the highest enjoyment of the tongue.

The tender mutton


  1. The opening hour of snow sports in Wulong is 9:00-16:00 on weekdays while it’s 8:30-16:30 on the weekend. The price is 120 yuan/hour;
  2. All sports items are not suitable for seniors over 50 years old while children need adults to accompany;
  3. Flying saucers require children should be above eight years old;
  4. The sizes of sled shoes are from 34 (USA 2.5, UK 2) to 44 (USA 11.5, UK 9);
  5. Ski boats require children, who are five to eight years old, accompanied by family members.

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