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Living with COVID-19⑪: Prepare to Live on a Tight Budget This Year

Mar 17,2020 ByJames Alexander, Wang YilingICHONGQING

Chongqing – Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, iChongqing has been reaching out to the ex-pat community to share their stories. A matter of days ago, the number of cases in Chongqing fell to zero, thanks to the great efforts over the past months. However, countries around the world are now struggling to contain the virus. In line with this development, we are now also speaking to Chongqing locals abroad to hear their thoughts on COVID-19.

What is the situation on the ground locally, and are people taking the outbreak seriously yet? Furthermore, what experiences should be learned from China to help fight COVID-19?

Today, the CEO, smart robotics developer Welinkirt Technology joins us in an interview from his home in Vancouver. As he lives in Canada, he shares the latest news on COVID-19 from his perspective. Additionally, he has experience of COVID-19 through his headquarters in Beijing and the Chongqing Liangjiang New Area. So during the interview, he describes these effects in detail. 


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