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Chinese Labour Day Holiday Promotions Entice Visitors and Stimulate Consumption in Chongqing

By James Alexander|May 06,2020

Chongqing- According to figures complied during the Chinese Labour Day Holiday from May 1st-5th 2020, consumer spending in Chongqing amounted to 3.26 billion Yuan, an increase of 5.3% on the previous year, an impressive result considering that a range of preventative measures for epidemic control remains in place.

This dual necessity to promote economic activity while keeping a strong grip on epidemic control was the primary focus of the Chongqing Municipal Business Committee, as they planned a series of promotional events in advance of the holiday, which would also test the stability of supply chains and prices through increased demand.

Now the holiday is officially over, and it is now possible to review several initiatives that achieved fruitful results, as well as to gauge public reaction.


While the majority of attractions in Chongqing Municipality were open to the public over the Labour Day Festival, epidemic control measures and certain restrictions were still in effect.

Security in epidemic control and supply chains

Over the May holiday period, businesses continued to observe strict prevention measures as stipulated in official documents such as ‘A technical guide for epidemic control in key locations, institutions, and demographics.’ As part of the requirements, businesses had to implement a framework of responsibility and contingency plans, as well as perform routine disinfection, and monitor activity to ensure safe distancing, crowd control, and health checks.

At a higher level, municipal, county, and district authorities worked in close cooperation to resolve difficulties faced by departments in the re-opening of businesses and the regular implementation of epidemic control procedures.

In the effort to guarantee market supply and promote consumer spending, notices were forwarded to ensure security in production, sales channels, and preparedness for emergencies. These measures assured market stability during the holiday period in the basic necessities of grains, cooking oil, meat, seafood, fruit, and vegetables.


During the Chinese Labour Day Holiday, promotional events succeeded in attracting higher consumer activity, while citizens continued to observe epidemic control measures.

Cooperation forms the basis for promotional initiatives

The Labour Day Holiday was a major opportunity for Chongqing to continue re-opening business and tourist attractions. Strategies were released to stimulate consumer performance, which emanated from the ‘Three drives and ten events’ initiative.

A prime example was the official launch of the ‘Summer Chongqing 2020’ campaign, which offered a wide range of discounts in various forms through social media platforms such as Alipay and WeChat. For example, the district authorities of Yuzhong, Yubei, and Jiulongpo used these to distribute e-vouchers in a bid to encourage economic activity.

The developed commercial districts in Chongqing took advantage of their strong reputation to create a vibrant holiday atmosphere, in the expectation the effects would ripple through multiple industries, with the added incentives of vouchers and targeted price reductions. By the end of the holiday, the top 8 commercial districts achieved combined retail figures of 1.72 billion Yuan, an increase of 5.5% on the previous year.

Shopping Centres worked together to create an ‘Online energy ATM,’ where points can be redeemed into 20 Yuan vouchers to encourage spending.

Over the holiday, prominent business committee officials made appearances in online events, such as Mr. Zhang Zhikui, who helped promote an automobile sales festival in Jiefangbei, which was held in tandem between Chongqing and Chengdu. Car sales during the May holiday reached 758 million Yuan, an increase of 28.5%.

Later the same day, Mr. Zhang Zhikui attended another successful online event where he promoted local Chongqing specialties at Testbed 2.


Top commercial districts in Chongqing performed well during the Labour Day Holiday and helped drive consumer activity through the municipality.


During the May holiday, catering and accommodation sectors took advantage of the ‘Spring Warmth in Mountain City’ themed event to promote dining, accommodation, and healthy travel.

Catering outlets with an online presence teamed with well-known takeaway service platforms to offer group discounts, vouchers, reductions and discounts up to 50% so that people choosing to remain at home could also enjoy the benefits.

Major hotels in the city rewarded guests staying over the holiday period with vouchers, special discounts for hotel restaurants, and special rates to encourage future repeat custom. Such incentives helped the catering and accommodation industries recover to 70% in the previous year.


Many residents traveled to experience the countryside, as they took advantage of toll-free motorways while avoiding visitor restrictions in scenic areas.

Holiday recreation shows a great upsurge in popularity

Due to visitor restrictions at tourist attractions, many residents chose to spend their time at countryside resorts, especially in light of the excellent weather and toll-free access to the motorway network. Furong Cave and Baimashan Scenic Area offered free entry so that visitors could have a larger spending budget. In Nanchuan District, the 2020 Sea of Roses Arts Festival attracted many citizens to the sixty-acre location home to over 500 varieties of roses in bloom.

The Chongqing Urban Area offered a great variety of outdoor activities to residents, including pick your farms, fishing trips, climbing, parent and child outings, and open-air barbecues, for which a wealth of discounts and promotions served to attract people to enjoy these country pursuits.

Figures over the holiday period show that 78.462 million Yuan was spent in country resorts, an increase of 4%.


New Era, New Journey, New Chongqing

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