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Media Delegation Visits SW China for Green Development Along the Yangtze River


Chongqing- A media delegation visited southwestern China’s Chongqing Municipality to know more about local green development in the first national-level development area in inland China last weekends.

The delegation of “Walking in China·2021 Overseas Chinese Media High-Level Chongqing Tour” visited Liangjiang New Area from March 27 to 28, exploring how the green concept runs through local opening up and development. Liangjiang New Area plays a demonstrative role in the green development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt.

The delegation of “Walking in China·2021 Overseas Chinese Media High-level Chongqing Tour” visited Liangjiang New Area from March 27 to 28. (iChongqing/ Vivian Yan)

Integrating smart technology and green ecology

Smart technology serves as an important means for the Liangjiang New Area to create a green and high-quality life. Dai Jiuyue, deputy director of the Beijing Representative Office at China Minutes, thinks there are high-tech and high-quality life in Liangjiang New Area.

“Through visiting Lijia Smart Park, I felt the importance of integrating humanity and green ecology in building a smart city,” said Dai. “The construction of the park cleverly integrates greening space and technology to push for an environmentally friendly and intelligent interactive experience scene, which makes me truly appreciate the connotation of the smart city.”

In recent years, Liangjiang New Area has practiced the concept of a park city and smart city and explored the construction of a full-function area that is livable, business-friendly, pleasant, tourist-friendly, and business-friendly.

The delegation of Overseas Chinese Media High-level Chongqing Tour watched a promo video about Liangjiang New Area. (Photo/ Chongqing Liangjiang New Area)

So far, almost 120 urban parks have been built in Liangjiang New Area. With a per capita park green area of 15.1 square meters, the Area basically realized the concept of “open the door to green, approximately 7 minutes to enter a park”.

Promoting international talent exchanges

“The Liangjiang New Area combines ecological beauty with modernization and creates a green and ecologically livable environment, which will help promote international talent exchanges,” said Shang Yong, editor-in-chief of Russian Dragon.

With the opening of international channels such as Chongqing-Manchuria-Russia Express Train, the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor, and other opening-up platforms, the exchanges between Chongqing and the world have become more frequent, which is helpful for the introduction of more and more high-end talents.

Combining the local natural landscape, history and culture, public facilities, and other resources, Chongqing Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone (CLCIZ), where it situates at the Longsheng Center Cluster, east trough valley in the main urban area of Chongqing, is going to create a beautiful spatial organization structure. Since its establishment, it has aimed to introduce talents from first-class universities and scientific research institutes at home and abroad. 

A signature landmark lake at Chongqing Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone. (iChongqing/ Vivian Yan)

Among them, the National University of Singapore (Chongqing) Research Institute (NUSRI Chongqing) will focus on actively transporting, gathering, and cultivating high-level talents for the Chongqing area to carry out education and training work and build an international and innovative high-end talent training base that connects Chongqing, Singapore and the world.

“Our school will set up high-end research and development platforms in the key scientific research areas of advanced manufacturing and materials, intelligent sensing and AI, modern logistics, as well as finance and risk management,” said Wang Jia, assistant director of NUSRI Chongqing. “We will deeply integrate with Chongqing’s universities and local enterprises in terms of industry, scientific research, and education.”

Wang Jia, Assistant Director of NUSRI Chongqing, introduced what areas will NUSRI Chongqing focus on in the future. (iChongqing/ Vivian Yan)

“In addition, we will develop a first-class international technology industrialization platform and a high-tech industry incubation base,” said Wang. “We will be committed to promoting the two-way exchanges between China and Singapore through the interconnection of science and technology industries, in the central and western regions with Chongqing as the center.”

Assisting in the effective transformation of bilateral international scientific and technological achievements, mainly in Singapore, Wang continued, a bridge will be built between the world’s top technology and local industries.

NUSRI Chongqing, jointly established by the National University of Singapore (‘NUS’) and the Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Administrative Committee (LJNAAC), is an independently operated overseas research institute of NUS located in Chongqing and hosted by the LJNAAC.

After the CLCIZ is completed, it will cover a city-level park of more than 1,000 acres, four district-level parks of more than 200 acres, and more than ten community-level green spaces, with a forest coverage rate of more than 50%.

The delegation of Overseas Chinese Media High-level Chongqing Tour was visiting Liangjiang New Area. (iChongqing/ Vivian Yan)

Opening up to cultural diversity

“Meanwhile, the international style of Liangjiang New Area also attracted me,” said Dai. In the Belt and Road Commodity Exhibition and Trading Center, the bonded port area realizes “buying and selling products worldwide” without customers leaving Chongqing. The visiting delegation saw that products from more than 30 countries around the world were available for citizens to choose and purchase.

Meng Linghua, deputy Editor-in-Chief from Kansai Chinese, visited Japan Pavillion at the Belt and Road Commodity Exhibition and Trading Center. (iChongqing/ Vivian Yan)

“I don’t think the Belt and Road Commodity Exhibition and Trading Center is a purely shopping place, but a platform for international non-governmental exchanges,” said Dai. “I truly believe this also provides an opportunity for local citizens to learn more about the cultural customs and differences of different countries.”


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