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ILSTC Sees a Promising Start in Economy of Scale


In the first quarter of 2021, the three logistics organization methods of rail-sea multi-modal transport, cross-border highway transport, and international railway transport, a new logistics form, comes from the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor (ILSTC) that gradually covering entire Western China, all achieved rapid growth.

Rail-sea multi-modal transport, cross-border highway transport, and international railway transport all achieved rapid growth. (Photo/ He Jiangang)

Specifically, rail-sea multi-modal transport witnessed 393 departures of trains from Chongqing to Guangxi, up 133% yearly. The number of TEUs totaled 19,588, a rise of 130%, and the value reached 2.43 billion yuan (about 374.25 million U.S. dollars), an increase of 117%.

Chongqing saw 743 departures of regular lorries to ASEAN countries via cross-border highway transport, marking an 84% increase. The number of TEUs jumped 84% to 1,672, with the value surging 149% to 417 million yuan.

Besides, there were 410 TEUs carried via international railway transport from Chongqing to Vietnam, up 55%.

In addition, the radiation range of the ILSTC is also expanding rapidly. According to Liu Wei, the person in charge of the logistics and operation organization center of ILSTC, a hub system has formed along ILSTC, with the main urban area (including Jiangjin District) as the central hub, Wanzhou, and Fuling Districts as the supporting hubs, and Qianjiang, Changshou, Hechuan, Qijiang, Yongchuan, and Xiushan as essential nodes.

A dispatch system has also formed, taking Chongqing Tuanjie Village Railway Central Station, Yuzui Railway Freight Station, Xiaonanya Railway Station, and Fulingxi Railway Station as the central part.

Furthermore, the trains via rail-sea multi-modal transport have reached 264 ports in 96 countries (regions), involving more than 500 cargo categories. Cross-border highway transport has covered the whole Indo-China Peninsula with eight regular routes.

In the first quarter, a collection and distribution center was built in Suining. Some new trains were launched, including ILSTC trains in Suining, Huaihua-Beibu Gulf Port rail-sea multi-modal trains, and ILSTC trains in Zhangye.

More importantly, customized rail-sea trains for coast defense were also launched, marking that ILSTC services have ushered in the refined operation stage.


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