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Chongqing Grateful To Those Who Stay at Quarantine Sites!

By VIVIAN YAN|Nov 19,2021

A COVID-19 quarantine site in Shapingba District of Chongqing has admitted over 300 people in the past 20 days, while five remained there as of November 16.

The staff watched batches of quarantined people go home, but they chose not to go home. (Photo/ Li Wenke)

He Changhua, 56 years old, serves as the head of a quarantine site in Shapingba. It was the third time he had been involved working at a quarantine site. Since arriving here on October 22, he hasn't been home yet. (Photo/ Li Wenke)

Ma Yinfeng (left), 25 years old, is a medical worker at a quarantine site in Shapingba. Though the day was her birthday, she still wore a protective suit, working as usual. (Photo/ Li Wenke)

The quarantine site in Shapingba was one of the busiest sites amidst the latest outbreak in Chongqing. Over the past more than 20 days, more than 300 people have been quarantined here. (Photo/ Li Wenke)

At eight a. m., the first thing in the morning was to deliver breakfast to the quarantined people. Although Ma looks thin, she trotted all the way to carry their breakfasts every day. (Photo/ Li Wenke)

"Good morning! Your breakfast is ready!" Hearing the unmistakable voice of this Chongqing girl, the quarantined people would know that here came the warm breakfast.  (Photo/ Li Wenke)

When someone was sleeping late, Ma chose to keep quiet and put the breakfast on a stool by the door. (Photo/ Li Wenke)

At 9 a.m., after breakfast, the medical staff, including He and Ma, started to conduct nucleic acid tests for the quarantined people. The tests need to be careful. (Photo/ Li Wenke)

"Take it easy," said He. "If the nucleic acid test result is negative, you will be able to go home." After the test, He (the first from left) tried to calm down this quarantined lady. (Photo/ Li Wenke)

At 9: 30 a. m., He and Ma worked together to collect non-medical waste from the quarantined people. (Photo/ Li Wenke)

Waste disposal in a quarantine site is a big deal, which needs attention. The cans were put at a designated place and would be hauled away for professional treatment. (Photo/ Li Wenke)

At 10 a.m., the whole quarantine area was disinfected. They moved through three floors step by step, cleaning every inch. (Photo/ Li Wenke)

At 11 a.m., they entered a special room where a COVID-19 confirmed patient in Chongqing had lived. He (left) and Ma (right) tested the environment again, though the previous environmental test results were all negative. (Photo/ Li Wenke)

"Congratulations on your release from the quarantine!" is what the quarantined people wanted to hear most. After signing the Notice of Release from Centralized Quarantine for Medical Observation, they shall leave. (Photo/ Li Wenke)

When released, the young man waved goodbye to the staff members. "Thank you for your hard work in the past days, " shouted the youth. (Photo/ Li Wenke)

He (left) held a meeting with his colleagues. "After a 7-day medical observation, we can go home on November 26! " He said. (Photo/ Li Wenke)


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