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Digitalize and Intelligentize the ILSTC for Data Sharing


Chongqing- The New Land-Sea Corridor Operation Co., Ltd. has signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with several companies to build a digital and intelligent corridor. This aims to provide digital and intelligent support for the future development of the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor (ILSTC), according to the latest news from the company.

The New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor China-Laos Railway. (iChongqing file photo)

Chongqing is an international logistics hub for the inland of China and a logistics operation and organization center for the ILSTC, which will give better and full play to its logistics and industrial advantages, said Huo Jiasong, board secretary of the New Land-Sea Corridor Operation Co., Ltd.

“Through the railway-sea transportation, cross-border railway transportation between China-Vietnam and China-Laos, cross-border road transportation, and air corridors,” said Huo. “They will promote Chongqing’s supply chain of electronic products, automobiles and motorbikes, and products of the textile industry, machinery, and other industries to achieve domestic and international circulation. “

Digital and Intelligent Corridor

The New Land-Sea Corridor Operation Co., Ltd. will lead the construction of a comprehensive cross-regional operating platform for the “13+1” regions, including 12 provincial-level regions of western China, the southern island province Hainan, and Zhanjiang city in the Guangdong Province.

The company will take advantage of the logistics, operation, organization, and supply of the corridor to ensure that the development of the ILSTC is coordinated.

Response service system

China Mobile Communications Group Chongqing Co., Ltd. takes advantage of 5G network, big data, blockchain, and other technologies to integrate professional institutions within the system, and provincial and municipal branches across the country to support the construction of the “13+1” provincial and municipal response service system for the corridor.

Ecological chain application

China Mobile System Integration Co., Ltd. has developed its OneCity platform, which will fully integrate the applications of the ILSTC’s eco-chain and provide industry information solutions as a whole.

The company also focuses on the application enablement platform (AEP) and integrates sensing terminal of the  Internet of things (IoT) to build a firm base for 5G+ digital intelligence of the corridor.

“The work related to the ILSTC will next be promoted around co-construction and high-level construction,” said Wang Yupei, chairman of the New Land-Sea Corridor Operation Co., Ltd.

Wang explained, co-construction means a different variety of domestic and international cooperation, extending from logistics, trade, and industries to commercial and legal, humanities and tourism, and other sectors in wider areas.

Data resource sharing

Next, the four enterprises will rely on a 5G+ innovation drive to jointly build basic platforms such as the Land and Sea Cloud, the Land and Sea Chain, and the Land and Sea IoT to achieve the data and information interflow, promote resource coordination and information sharing in the ILSTC.

Meanwhile, they will further deepen cooperation in the fields of smart logistics, digital trade, smart industry, smart finance, and smart data to build systems of cross-regional integrated operations, multi-modal transportation, trade services, financial and logistics services in the “13+1” provinces and municipalities.

Chongqing will accelerate the construction of the digital and intelligent corridor and promote the integration of the corridor and regional economic development.

The ILSTC China-Laos Railway. (iChongqing file photo)

(Shi Jiaqi, as an intern, also contributed to this report.)


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