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In this episode, “China’s Friendliest Train,” I share my experience taking a classic Green train from Chongqing’s North Station to Baitao Station. Boarding a train that costs 2USD to an unknown destination is fun. Before China’s trains were air-conditioned and China’s railways were sped up, “Green cars” were the standard coating on China’s railway trains. “Green train” is the most representative image of China Railway passenger trains from the 1950s to the 1980s.

From 1990 to 2000, every time China’s railway sped up, it was necessary to update and upgrade railway passenger cars. Some “Green cars” will be eliminated, and the “Green cars” will gradually be replaced by air-conditioned vehicles with higher construction speeds and more advanced facilities. (with Blue and Red coating)

The Blue and Red coating cars can reach the speed of 160km/h while the pace of Green cars is 120km/h at most, usually much lower. Most of them do not have air conditioning, but the ticket price is relatively low.

Since 2014, Red and Blue carriages have been painted Green. There are only two colors for passenger trains in China: Green for general passenger trains and White for high-speed trains.

But the “real green trains” only include these series: 21series、22series、22Bseries、23series、25Bseries, etc. Join the adventure.


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