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Some Chongqing Campsites Fully Booked for Dragon Boat Festival


Some campsites are fully booked for the Dragon Boat Festival falling on June 3 this year, while more bookings were made in May, and as the temperature rises, water parks have become more popular. This information and more comes from several domestic tourism platforms.

Rafting scenic areas become popular

Water-related activities have become a popular choice for many visitors in the early summer. Among them, rafting activities in water parks are the most preferred activity during the three-day holiday.

According to the data on Qunar, a Chinese online travel agency, the sales of cruise tickets nationwide surged 65 percent in May. According to the order quantities, the Liangjiang night cruise ranks among the top ten activities in scenic areas for the Dragon Boat Festival holiday.

As for rafting spots, Huxiao Gorge in Hangzhou, Ayi River in Chongqing, and Bijia Mountain in Qingyuan are preferred. Among water parks, Chongqing Sunac Water Park, Chengdu Floraland Water Park, and Guangzhou Chimelong Water Park have received more bookings for the Dragon Boat Festival holiday than their counterparts. Moreover, cruises along Zhujiang River in Guangzhou, Wujiang River Gallery in Chongqing, and Qiandao Lake in Hangzhou are also popular with consumers.

Visitors enjoy rafting on the Ayi River in Pengshui County, Chongqing. (iChongqing file photo)

Many campsites in Chongqing  are fully booked

Pictures and videos of camping during the Labor Day holiday abound on our social media and this activity is still hot for the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival. Data shows that the sales of camping products half a month before the Dragon Boat Festival are more than twice as many as that half a month before Labor Day. The first order of camping products for the Dragon Boat Festival was placed three months in advance.

The Xiuhu Car Camping Park, Lake-Starry Sky Changshouhu Camping Base, Mountain Star Camping Base, and Mianye Lingyunhu Camping Base have been fully booked for the three-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday. More than 90 percent of the rooms at Jinbei Starry Sky Camping Base and all rooms at Fengminggu Camping Base of Guiyuan Town have been booked for the first two days of the holiday.

The well-appointed camping base at Jinlingdi Mountain Cross-country Park in Jindao Gorges, Beibei District. (iChongqing/ Yue Xingchen)

“All fully-furnished rooms have been booked for the Dragon Boat Festival holiday but there are spaces for tents,” said the head of Changshouhu Camping Base in Chongqing. As camping is in vogue, visitors should make a reservation two weeks in advance.

According to data on ctrip.com, per capita consumption of camping products for the Dragon Boat Festival is about 700 yuan, basically the same as that for Labor Day and the Qingming Festival.

Integrating traditional culture 

Activities characterized by traditional culture are preferred by many residents for the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. Data shows that the search volume of keywords like “intangible cultural heritage (ICH)” and “culture” has risen by 52 percent as the holiday is approaching.

To attract more visits, lots of scenic areas have launched a variety of activities related to traditional customs.

Mexin Wine Town in Fuling District introduced that it will stage six activities under different themes during the holiday. Visitors can watch Hanfu culture performances, taste zongzi (glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves), and go shopping at the ICH bazaar held by Fuling District Cultural Center (Fuling District Intangible Cultural Heritage Center).

Artists dressed in traditional hanfu clothes perform a dance. (iChongqing file photo)

In addition to Mexin Wine Town, several other theme parks have also launched some characteristic activities. For example, Chongqing Locajoy has prepared a bubble show. Chongqing Happy Valley and Chongqing Sunac Cultural Tourism City have created various theme scenes for visitors to take photos of and will hold colorful performances for them to enjoy.


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