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In Pictures: China's 2022 College Entrance Examination Successfully Wraps Up


Chongqing  – The three-day national college entrance examination ended in Chongqing on a rainy afternoon of June 9. The largest examination in China has recorded 11.93 million examinees in total this year, reaching a historical high.

The Gaokao is a standardized exam initially set in 1952. It decides whether high school students can get college acceptance- and what field of study they are eligible to pursue. One popular saying is that Chinese students spend all their life preparing for this test before college. Thus, other than individual efforts, students’ families usually will be the strong back with high expectations, contributing energy and money to support their kids and their futures.

Outside the door of Chongqing Liangjiang Yucai Middle School used for the testing site, anxious parents were looking around for their kids who had just finished the last test and were walking out. Some parents wore red clothes because they represent good fortune in the traditional culture.

Many family members have flowers in their hands with keen eyes. (iChongqing / Kenny Dong)

Mr. Chen returned from Yunnan province to look after his daughter, who took part in this year’s Gaokao. His girl has been taken care of by her grandmother in Chongqing while her parents were out for work. “I came back because I want to encourage her. I bought flowers for her today, and I have to go back to Yunnan in several days,” he said.

Students who pursue an art major in the college will also take the Gaokao after passing the professional tests from the art schools they apply to. Mrs. Li’s son passed the Central Conservatory of Music audition test. Now he is in the final step to getting his dream school’s admission.

“I don’t think it’s very tough for him to pass the test since it just requires a basic-level score. I am still a little worried, considering its importance, but I didn’t pass my anxiety to him. It’s been so tough to get through the 12-year study. I am pleased for my son,” said Mrs. Li.

Near the school’s door, a tent was temporarily established and managed by several volunteers. Those volunteers were from the lower class at high school.

There were medicine, water, and stationery that served the examinees on the table. (iChongqing / Kenny Dong)

Qin Yuan, a senior two student, was doing her biology homework on the table. The teacher chose her to be the volunteer to support the examinees and to witness the last day of the Gaokao. “Next year, this will be us. I feel like that day is much closer after seeing what has happened today,” she said.

The school bell rang at 15:45, notifying the end of the political science exam and the end of the Gaokao for liberal arts examinees. Students were flowing out of the teaching building. Some of them were running through the door.

“Now, I don’t want to think much about how I performed in the tests. I feel so relieved, and I want to celebrate with my friends after this immediately,” a student rushed into the crowd after saying this.

The first examinee ran out of the examination building with his stationery bag in his right hand. (iChongqing / Kenny Dong)

This examinee laughed out when the journalists interviewed him. (iChongqing / Kenny Dong)

Two girls were waving hands at their families. (iChongqing / Kenny Dong)

Friends came to celebrate the big moment with an examinee. (iChongqing / Kenny Dong)


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