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Independent Growth of Oil Painting: Vice Chairman of China Artists Association


Dazzling works of art scatter the “Blooming June” Exhibition Hall. Squeezed balloons, body parts, folded lines, and more eye-catching art can be experienced at the Oil Painting Department, School of Fine Arts of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (SCFAI).

“Students are the shadow of teachers, who are the mirror of students. From their works, you can see our students’ international outlook and even the development trends of oil painting if you look at them carefully,” said Pang Maokun, Vice Chairman of China Artists Association, Chairman of Chongqing Artists Association, and President of SCFAI.

Pang Maokun, Vice Chairman of China Artists Association, Chairman of Chongqing Artists Association, and President of SCFAI, is introducing students’ works to the visitors. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

The artistic language of oil painting

Oil painting on canvas, The Second Impact by Liu Shiqi wowed visitors. “Shapeable balloons are like human bodies. Balloons might deform and even explode under external forces, just as people will get anxious and depressed under social pressure,” explained Liu.

The Second Impact by Liu Shiqi (Photo provided to iChongqing)

The painting perfectly integrates concrete realism with abstract expressionism and creatively describes concrete things. It is colorful but not cluttered.

“This is a typical case manifesting that our students are expanding the potential of the artistic language of oil painting.” Pang introduced that in 2022, students of the Oil Painting Department will mainly engage in concrete realism oil painting, comprehensive painting, and concept and media experiments. Diversifying supervisors’ research and creation fields empowers students to demonstrate their artistic creations creatively. Against the backdrop of globalization and big data, new technologies and media play a vital role in making works of the art highly visible and readable.

The work Fragments of Village Memories. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Innovation of oil painting

 “Continuous development in art is driven by innovation. It is safe to conclude that innovation is the life of art.” According to Pang, innovation is key for the Oil Painting Department to reach one another peak.

Oil painting is well-received as a mainstream Western painting style because it has rich colors and a great variety of themes and is true to life. After being introduced into China centuries ago, oil painting has undergone the following development stages: imitation, combination, and independent growth. It contributes to the establishment of Chinese modern art’s international image.

Since implementing the reform and opening-up policy, the Oil Painting Department of SCFAI keeps expanding the scope of artistic creation with economic and social development, leading it to a higher level. Changing styles have amazed the painting circle and fascinated the audience.

Relation of Hers. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

The prosperity of China’s Key Town of Fine Arts

“Innovation is the life of art. But this requires profound insights into the reality and a great understanding of history, which will help unlock potential and weave the real world into the creation,” said Pang.

SCFAI values diversity in teaching, intending to support personalized growth. It also encourages creation- and exhibition-based education, allowing students to apply what they have learned.

For example, the “Blooming June” Exhibition Hall displays works by students of the Oil Painting Department. Bold, juvenile, and strange, they fully exhibit the new trends in the new era and the young’s active artistic thinking, diverse artistic languages, rich expressions, and daring imagination.

With keen insights, perception, and creativity, they tried to figure out the essence of “versatile talent training” in the new era, which gave rise to this feast of art.

“Today, we need and are capable of building the zenith of artistic creation.” According to Pang, integrating different art categories and expression methods is inspirational and enriches the cultural connotation. As a result, artistic creation has become more significant with a more promising future.

Next, the Oil Painting Department of SCFAI will continue the independent exploration and growth. Based on traditions and responding to current changes, it aspires to offer more brilliant works and perpetuate the prosperity of the Key Town of Fine Arts of China.


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