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Chongqing's Equipment Manufacturing to Expand Markets along the Belt and Road


Chongqing- Promoting the high-quality development and leading the equipment manufacturing industry to expand the markets along the Belt and Road, Chongqing Economic and Information Commission recently formulated the Chongqing Equipment Manufacturing Industry-Leading Enterprise Cultivation Action Plan.

According to the plan, by 2025, Chongqing will cultivate at least 20 leading enterprises with competitiveness, widespread influence, and strong research and development capability in key industrial chains such as industrial robots, numerical control machines, additive manufacturing, rail transit, satellite, and its applications, general machinery, agricultural machinery, engines as well as energy and environmental protection equipment.

Additionally, at least 300 “specialized, special and new” enterprises will be cultivated, referring to small and medium-sized enterprises with specialization, refinement, characteristics, and novelty. Key enterprises will also be guided to build industrial Internet platforms of industrial nature.

Expand the markets along the Belt and Road

In order to achieve the above goals, the plan puts forward four main tasks, including enhancing the innovation leadership, the market dominance, the group-chain driving force, and the growing support of the enterprises.

Specifically, by improving the market dominance of the enterprises, Chongqing will actively expand the market, guide export enterprises to adjust product structure, market structure, and import and export channels, and increase market development efforts. It will expand the markets along the Belt and Road, make every effort to stabilize the European and American markets, and increase its market share of Southeast Asia.

This also requires the industry to establish and improve the quality and hygiene standard system, carry out production management, product processing, storage, and transportation in strict accordance with advanced international standards, and improve the quality of products by standardized means.

Enhancing the innovation leadership of the enterprises, Chongqing will accelerate the improvement of high-end, intelligent, green, and service-oriented levels, create demonstration benchmarks for smart manufacturing, green manufacturing, and service-oriented manufacturing, and support key enterprises to build industrial Internet platforms of industrial nature, and lead the transformation and upgrading of Chongqing’s equipment manufacturing industry.

Located in the Nan’an District, Chongqing, there is a “farm” with more than 20,000 square meters hidden on the roof of Mexin Factory. (iChongqing file photo)

Update import tax policy to explore new scenarios

By applying the national import tax policy for major technical equipment and strengthening the research on agricultural equipment projects in the national industrial foundation reconstruction field, Chongqing will further promote the pilot work of the insurance compensation mechanism for the first major technical equipment.

Why “insure” the equipment? The first (set) of equipment refers to the equipment, system, or core components that have undergone innovation, have major technological breakthroughs, and possess intellectual property rights but have not yet achieved market performance.

“Insuring” those equipment provide strong support for the manufacturing industry’s high-quality development, solving enterprises’ financial problems in innovative research and development to gain the recognition of overseas customers with quality products.

Enhancing the support for enterprise growth, Chongqing will issue new supporting policies to improve the insurance compensation for the first major technical equipment and the first purchase and first use support policies. It will also explore new policy support modes such as application scenario promotion in key equipment fields and equipment digitalization.

Meanwhile, in key industries such as environmental protection equipment, the city will support leading enterprises such as Chongqing Sanfeng Covanta Environmental Industry Co., Ltd to participate in the declaration of municipal-level major new products actively.

In key industries such as industrial robots, it will encourage enterprises such as Huashu Robot Co., Ltd. to participate in the “unveiling” of the national special robot industry chain and the solicitation of typical robot application scenarios.

CISDI’s related equipment applied to Baosteel’s Rotary Hearth Furnace. (Photo/ CISDI)

(Ge Rongchen, as an intern, also contributed to this report.)


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