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Chongqing– In this installment, overseas iChongqing reporter James explores the museums of Chongqing, gaining insight into Bayu history and culture and discovering the opportunity to land an interesting range of culturally innovative products.

Ever since the State Department approved five cities, including Chongqing Municipality, to pioneer construction as international consumption center cities, this newfound status has created a new impetus to attract world-famous brands, institutions, and events to the city while promoting advantages in shopping, cuisine, nightlife, culture, and travel.

Qutang and Wu Gorge are two of the Three Gorges to be located in Chongqing Municipality, and aside from the exquisite scenery and historical sights famed worldwide, the story behind this unique geographical area began an astonishing two million years ago, as evidenced by the discovery of Homo Erectus Wushanensis at the Longgupo excavation site.

Since the completion of the Three Gorges Dam project, the river waters have submerged significant areas inside the reservoir area, so the China Three Gorges Museum was opened in 2005, where history and culture preserved from ancient times to the modern-day are on public display.

Highlights inside this only museum dedicated to the Three Gorges include ancient fossils, human artifacts, traditional wisdom applied to home building techniques, the intangible culture embodied through the songs of bygone Yangtze boat trackers, stone inscriptions relocated from the river basin, historical military confrontations, all the way through to the construction of the dam and the wave of migration that came with it.

In this episode named China’s Culture City, reporter James Alexander explores Three Gorges’ history condensed into a mere few minutes and displays Chongqing’s undisputable credentials as pioneers in building an international consumption center city with culture at its heart in this fascinating video.

Join us, and experience the shopping capital of China for yourself.


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