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International Food Scenarios Boom in the Streets of Chongqing | Chongqing's New Consumption Trends


Chongqing-What will the future restaurant look like? Have they mechanized cooking or offer robot service? In SpaceLab at Raffles City Chongqing, customers may glimpse the future restaurant.

Chongqing is making every effort to build an international consumption center city. Being an international food city is one of the essential business cards, where plenty of new international food consumption scenarios are booming in the streets of Chongqing.

SpaceLab: the Disney in the restaurant market

"Many guests say SpaceLab is the Disney in the restaurant market,” said Chris Weng, Manager of SpaceLab Restaurant (Raffles City Chongqing). “Our restaurant has not only good food but also an exciting experience combining technology and entertainment.”

Weng continued that meals can be delivered to the table through the track within 17 seconds. The restaurant also provides entertaining services where bumblebees and astronauts often interact with children at their SpaceLab planet theater.

The orbit of the Spacelab restaurant.

The orbit of the Spacelab restaurant. (iChongqing/Xingchen Yue)

“Sino-German cooperation team introduced the concept of Orbit Restaurant to China in 2015,” said Weng. “SpaceLab is a new type of catering that combines German 4.0 industrial technology, future lifestyle, and mobile Internet. In September 2019, SpaceLab's seventh restaurant opened in Raffles City Chongqing."

Weng said the reason for setting up a restaurant in Chongqing is that Chongqing is the No. 1 internet celebrity city in Southwest China, with a population of 30 million.

“Regardless of its economic strength or spending power, it is an excellent representative of new first-tier cities,” said Weng. “Our brand positioning is in line with Chongqing's city image.

Xiao Dadong: innovating roast duck restaurant 

"It is Xiao Dadong's first restaurant in Chongqing and western China,” said Shuangzhi Ji, Deputy General Manager of Xiao Dadong, Head of Southwest Region. “Our master chose this location and believed that the shape of Raffle City Chongqing looks like sailing, and it was also where Chongqing received the imperial decree in ancient times, which has a good meaning.”

SuBuNi roast duck from Xiao Dadong restaurant.

SuBuNi roast duck from Xiao Dadong restaurant. (iChongqing/Xingchen Yue)

Dadong originated from Beijing. Therefore this little branch named Xiao Dadong serves the fantastic and famous Peking Roast Duck, in addition to many other dishes. 

"Raffles City is one of the landmarks in Chongqing, and we have met some foreign guests who came here and felt the duck was delicious," Ji added.

Richang: family-style restaurant to offer handmade pasta

The Italian dish is crowned as "The Mother of Western Food.”

Italian food can be found in almost every shopping mall and every lively business street in Chongqing. Richang is a pasta restaurant that started with tiramisu, where you can eat freshly made special tiramisu and handmade pasta daily.

The storefront of Richang restaurant.

The storefront of Richang restaurant. (iChongqing/Xingchen Yue)

"Among our restaurant's guests, many foreign guests live in Chongqing,” said Viola Sun, founder of Richang Restaurant. “Richang is the first restaurant to sell handmade pasta in Chongqing, and our main guest groups are post-90s or even post-00s for their interest in new imported products."

Sun thinks the western food market is rising in Chongqing, utterly different from a few years ago.

“Our guests not only eat but also understand what they eat, and they can distinguish the ingredient's quality or the dishes' taste,” she said. “What we hope to do is to be a family-style pasta restaurant in Chongqing."

(Zhu Qinzhuo and Li Yan as interns, also contributed to this report.)


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