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Is It Real? A Monorail Station in the Courtyard


Chongqing- After Liziba’s “monorail station through buildings” became popular across the country, another monorail station, Shangqiao Station, with a “monorail station in the courtyard” scene on Chongqing Rail Transit (CRT) Loop Line went viral.

Liziba Station is a monorail station on CRT Line 2 that runs through an actual residential building. Every day, thousands of people go to Liziba, not for public transportation but to take pictures of trains passing through a 19-story building. Since 2012, Liziba Station has become a “tourism mecca” for visitors, and pictures and videos of the scene have gone viral on the internet.

The Liziba Station is decorated with a culture wall and vertical greening.

The Liziba Station is decorated with a culture wall and vertical greening. (iChongqing file photo)

A visual effect

At the No. 3 entrance of Shangqiao Station, stepping out of the entrance, there is a red brick building 20 meters away. It looks like the rail station is set in the courtyard of the red brick building at first glance.

the No. 3 entrance and exit of Shangqiao Station on Chongqing's Ring Rail Line

The No. 3 entrance of Shangqiao Station on Chongqing Rail Transit Loop Line. (iChongqing file photo)

At the “monorail station in the courtyard” scene, a man moving goods told reporters that this red brick building is not a residential house but a factory warehouse for storing building materials. He explained that the rail entrance is relatively close to the factory warehouse, and they are in the same courtyard, thus forming such a visual effect.

Another worker, wearing a black T-shirt, added that the entrance has been open for a long time, and it is convenient to go out and take the CRT.

“Since the Chinese New Year till now, many young people came here to shoot videos and make TikTok videos, and this place suddenly went viral,” said a neighborhood resident. He believed that online bloggers described this place as mysterious and unique to attract attention.

Furthermore, the proprietress of a nearby canteen said more people came here to take pictures and videos this year, which boosted the business nearby.

The CRT Loop Line is the only closed loop line and a crucial line in the Chongqing rail transit network since it can transfer with multiple rail transits in the city’s core area. It has a total length of 50.8 kilometers and 33 stations and adopts the steel wheel rail subway system.

Chongqing, southwest China’s Municipality, is also known as China’s “Mountain City” due to its varying heights. The city is built around hills and skyscrapers in the urban area. 


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