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They Turn a Seasonal River Beach into a Nice Park Along the Yangtze River


Chongqing – In 2020, the Dayuwan Dock’s riparian zone in the Jiangbei District was shown above the water due to the seasonal regulation of the Three Gorges Reservoir. Its sunshine and beach scenery went viral overnight, attracting 600,000 visitors that year.

The overnight popularity of the riparian zone motivated the government to implement comprehensive restoration on the Jiangbeizui section of the Yangtze River.

The riparian zone is only above the water for two months a year. During the other ten months of the year, the dock is forgotten by the Chongqing residents. Two years later, after rounds of restoration, Jiangbeizui River Beach Park became popular again in the sweltering summer. Nearly 10,000 visitors take pictures here and post them on social media every night.

How did the Jiangbeizui Beach Park become popular twice? And what draws people here?

The Jiangbeizui River Beach Park. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Formed by the seasonal regulation of the Three Gorges Reservoir

The riparian zone is an area between the upland zone and the shoreline. It periodically emerges due to the seasonal rise and fall of the water level.

At the Yangtze River’s and Jialing River’s confluence, the riparian zone at the Dayuwan Dock is formed by the seasonal regulation of the Three Gorges Reservoir and periodically becomes a beach.

In mid-April 2020, a large beach emerged on the river, attracting many residents.

Residents relax by the river at Jiangbeizui River Beach Park. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

About 600,000 people have visited here within just two months. The massive influx of people brought tremendous pressure to the management. The street department called upon a service team to protect the riverbank and serve the tourists, including cleaners, service workers, and more than a hundred volunteers. Almost five tons of garbage have been cleared per day.

Subsequently, with the arrival of the major flood season in Chongqing, the beach submerged and was no more a popular spot.

Two years of comprehensive restoration  

After Dayuwan Dock went viral on the Internet, people started wondering how we could keep the ecological functions of the riparian zone and cater to the recreational needs of the residents at the same time.

In May 2020, Jiangbei District started the comprehensive restoration of the Jiangbeizui section, which begins at Chang’an Pier on the north bank of the Jialing River, flows through Dayuwan Dock, and ends at Guanyin Temple at the foot of Tazi Mountain.

This section of the river beach has unique features by flowing through many iconic areas in the Jiangbei District, such as Chongqing Grand Theater, Chaotianmen, and Hongyadong.

The government built a mini version of Jiangbeizui River Beach Park to make the treatment more scientific to conduct experiments and run trials.

In August 2020, there was a destructive flood in Chongqing. Consequently, the “test field” was submerged, leaving more than ten kinds of water-resistant plants buried in the mud. However, several plants stayed alive after the flood. Then these tough plants were widely grown in Jiangbeizui River Park. Moreover, the kind of bench that is easier to clean after the flood was selected at the “test field” and applied in Jiangbeizui River Park.

After the National Day in 2021, parts of Jiangbeizui River Beach Park were open to the public again. Nowadays, the park is a perfect place for people to exercise, leisure, and go sightseeing.

Residents were walking in Jiangbeizui River Beach Park. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Nearly 10,000 visitors per day

This year in Jiangbeizui River Beach Park, tourists can appreciate a variety of ornamental plants and have fun in the water. In addition, there are walking paths and bike lanes for exercise and sightseeing.

Along the way are bustling crowds of people holding selfie sticks, filled lights, live stand set, taking wedding photos, and running along the trail. With the soft river breeze, people stand in the grass at the riverbank. Behind them, the two rivers meet at Chaotianmen, skyscrapers rise to the sky, and Hongyadong becomes more beautiful as the night falls. Under the glare of cameras, the modern three-dimensional city and the primitive wilderness are intertwined harmoniously.

Tourists appreciate the evening scenery of Hongyadong at Jiangbeizui River Beach Park. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Since the complete opening of the park, it has received nearly 10,000 visitors every day, most of whom only start to leave after 11 p.m. The staff used to believe the park would only be popular from April to June. However, the park is still trendy in July, the hottest month of the year.

In the past, the area was only a simple riparian zone. It only became a place of interest because of a beautiful picture unintentionally taken by a tourist. Nowadays, it is given more attributes and missions – it is the guardian of Chongqing’s “two rivers and four shores” and the witness of people’s good life in the city.

Kids play on the beach at Jiangbeizui River Beach Park. (Photo provided to iChongqing)


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