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Go Rafting to Relieve the Heat in Summer


Chongqing- Hot, humid, and sweltering, rafting becomes the perfect choice to relieve the heat for Chongqing residents. This rafting sport is trendy in cities with many rivers and canyons like Chongqing. In this article, let’s go on an adventure in those rafting resorts!

Fuoying Canyon Rafting in Ba’nan District

Fuoying Canyon is located in Shengdingshan Scenic Area in Ba’nan District. It is 5.1 kilometers long and takes about two hours to raft, with a drop of 117 meters, and the speed of water flow is sometimes turbulent and sometimes smooth.

As a long-established rafting resort in Chongqing, the canyon is not at a high altitude, but the water is nice and cool. After the exciting rafting, visitors can also go through the canyon and have a fun adventure in the jungles. Nearby are also attractions such as the Shengdeng Mountain, South Lake, and Shiling mountain village.

The Fuoyingxia Rafting in Ba’nan District. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Jindao Canyon Rafting in Beibei District

Located in Jindaoxia town in Beibei District, the Jindao Canyon Rafting is at the foot of the southwest side of Huaying mountain, 880 meters above sea level. If visitors feel that regular boat rafting is not exciting, it should be an excellent choice to come to Jindao Canyon to experience an upgraded version of rafting – canyoning.

Dive into the stream and feel your way forward. The process takes about two hours, during which competitive group games are also played. It is more challenging and entertaining than usual rafting because of the slippery rocks that the waterfall has washed for a long time and the stream pounding against human bodies directly.

The Jindaoxia Rafting in Beibei District. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Niuqian Canyon Rafting in Fengdu County

Niuqian Canyon is located in Yihe village of Nantianhu town in Fengdu county. It is one of the famous tourist resorts in Fengdu. The process takes about two hours, with a slide with a natural drop and a dense forest along the river, perfect for shading from sunlight. The natural fall is about 300m in height, and there are 200 adventurous shoals and 120 surfing sections, including the most extended section of about 220 meters.

Visitors enjoy the rafting. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Ayi River Rafting in Pengshui County

Located in Boxiang village of Hanjia town in Pengshui county, Ayi River Rafting is a popular rafting place in Chongqing with a good reputation. The river is nearly 14 kilometers long, the full range rafting takes 7 hours, and a half range takes 4 hours.

The highest drop in the river is steep with fast flowing and splashing waves. Along the rafting section, there are variously shaped landforms. The first half of the drafting process is calm and beautiful, suitable for the elderly and children, while the second half is fun and exciting for young people who like excitement. Visitors can choose for themselves.

The Ayihe Rafting in Pengshui County. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

(Liu Jingjing, as an intern, also contributed to the report.)


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