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Let's Talk About Democracy③ | Chinese Story Needs Publicity Strategy


Chongqing– This month, iChongqing released the first and second episodes of the Let's Talk About Democracy round table talk shows. In episode 3, when the topic goes to Hong Kong protest, Professor Zhang Weiwei expressed that China is a country that has been targeted by the US for a long time, since the 1960s. The US was purportedly coming to save Hong Kong's democracy and freedom. In a report by the Cato Institute, Hong Kong is the third freest place on earth, and the US ranks 17th. It’s ridiculous to have this Savior even according to the Western standards of freedom. In 2019, the western power tried to have a color revolution in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong's State Security Law was one decisive step adopted by the Chinese National People's Congress to prevent Hong Kong decisively from falling into the trap of Kyiv. China adopts one country and two systems, which is only conceivable and possible within a civilizational state, but the precondition is mutual respect.

When talking about the Chinese Story, Daniel Dumbrill and Professor Zhang agreed that China doesn't do a very good job of telling its story to the international audience compared to Western propaganda. It is a huge challenge. We still need people to do an exceptional job like Daniel Dumbrill to create content to try to bridge that gap between the Western and the Chinese audience. Zhang Weiwei recommended his book The China Wave, published 11 years ago and sold over 2 million copies. He tried to give a comprehensive overall picture of China’s history and Chinese political system, economic system, and social system in the book in comparison with those in the West. The first two episodes: Let’s Talk About Democracy | China’s Consultative Democracy Let's Talk About Democracy | Chinese Mode is to Solve Problems


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