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Green Development Integrated Into Chongqing East Railway Station

By ZHAN CHEN|Sep 02,2022

Chongqing- Combined with the accelerated pace of urbanization, the railway station serves not only as a transportation hub but also as a window into the city's economic and social level. 

Thus was born the concept of station-city integration. Located in the east trough valley of the Chongqing central city and southeast of the Chayuan New Area, a new city with a planning area of 3.47 square kilometers is under construction. This is Chongqing East Railway Station, the first comprehensive transportation hub in the city.

An effect picture of the Chongqing East Railway Station. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Station-city integration for an ecological community

It is a significant breakthrough in the design and planning of the railroad station to integrate the fragmented state of the station with the structure of the city.

"Station-city integration" is the integration of residential, commercial, business, and transportation infrastructures for integrated urban development, said Guan Zhipeng, director of the technical development department of Chongqing east station command. 

People will be able to travel, work, live, conduct business, and entertain themselves there in the future. For example, the new station-city integration will introduce high-quality facilities such as low-carbon energy supply systems, creating a diversified ecological and livable community.

Chongqing East Railway Station

Information about Chongqing East Railway Station. (iChongqing/ Chen Zhan)

Serving as a national pilot project for the integrated development of the station and city, the headquarters area of the science and innovation research and development (R&D) industry is also under consideration to gather high-quality enterprises in biology, medicine, life science, and so on around Chongqing East Railway Station.

A core axis of international interaction and opening

New Chongqing East Railway Station City is designed for integrated development around a transportation hub as well as urban functions.

According to the requirements of internationalization, greening, intelligence, and human culture, the industrial space will have an axis and two zones. 

Particularly, a core axis of international interaction and openness is being sought in order to build platforms for city showcases, global exchange, and open leadership. Among the two zones are an international business hub, a commercial gathering area, and a scientific and technological R&D ecological headquarters. 

Chongqing East Railway Station

Information about Chongqing East Railway Station. (iChongqing/ Chen Zhan)

A green, warm, economic, and artistic station environment will be created by integrating green development and low-carbon concepts into construction according to the three-star green building standards.

The Chongqing East Railway Station New City adopted a centralized energy supply system to provide centralized cooling and heating services for more than 3 million square meters of residential, commercial, and public facility complexes in the east station area.

Based on this, the new city represents features, including zero transfer, a four-sided entry station, bridge construction unity, intelligent travel, centralized renewable energy supply, green and low-carbon, multi-dimensional access, and station-city integration. 


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