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Chongqing to Bring the Proportion of CRT in Public Travel to 50% By 2025

By RAN ZHENG|Sep 17,2022

Chongqing- Chongqing issued the implementation opinions on ecological development of urban and rural areas, proposing that by 2025, the green development system will be established, and green development will be realized by 2035, according to the press conference held on September 16.

By 2025, Chongqing will establish a green development system for urban and rural construction. By 2035, the urban and rural areas will achieve green development, the living environment will be better, and "a land of natural beauty, a city with cultural appeal" will be achieved.

Chongqing Green Development Goals of Urban and Rural Areas by 2025. (iChongqing/ Zheng Ran)

Chongqing Green Development Goals of Urban and Rural Areas by 2025. (iChongqing/ Zheng Ran)

Green buildings provide healthy use space for people

"We will accelerate green and low-carbon buildings via promoting technologies such as the thermal-insulating wall, energy-saving windows, rainwater collection, and roof greening. By 2025, new buildings in Chongqing will fully implement green building standards," said an official from Chongqing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

Heat radiates from a property's walls, windows, and floors, so as heat is lost, residents have to contend with lower internal temperatures or spend more money heating the space. In the summer, A thermal-insulating wall can block heat entering the property while it preserves the heat in the winter.

Green building refers to a high-quality facility that saves resources, protects the environment, reduces pollution, and provides healthy, applicable, and efficient use space for people.

Children's facilities after renovation of old residential area in Jiulongpo District.

Children's facilities after renovation of old residential area in Jiulongpo District. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

This year, affected by the continuous high temperature, the electricity situation is challenging, highlighting the urgent need to improve the proportion of green energy in the new buildings.

Chongqing has renewable energy buildings based on water source heat pump technology in Jiangbeizui CBD and Yuelai Eco-City, which has remarkable results in energy saving and urban heat island effect alleviation.

By 2025, the city will add about 5 million square meters of renewable energy building application area.

State-level pilot district of Sponge City in Yuelai, Chongqing (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Since the full launch of the "dual carbon" policy, Chongqing has promoted wind power and photovoltaic power projects. From January to August this year, the city installed about 130,000 kilowatts of wind and photovoltaic power generation facilities, reducing carbon emissions by about 2.7 million tons. By 2025, the city's wind and photovoltaic power generation will reach 4 billion kilowatt-hours, reducing carbon emissions by 4.5 million tons.

Green travel serves metropolitan on the rail

As a metropolitan on the rail, this year, Chongqing has built six new lines (sections). The rail transit has exceeded 500 kilometers, and the range under construction and operation has surpassed 850 kilometers. By 2025, the length of construction and operation will exceed 1,000 kilometers, bringing the proportion of CRT in public travel to 50%.

With the seamless connection of CRT, buses, non-motor vehicles, and walking, green travel will account for 70% of the overall trip. By 2025, citizens will find a bus station within 50 meters, around 85% of CRT stations.

Combined with the characteristics of the mountain city, the government is planning to build a mountain trail network, including street trails, riverside trails, and mountain forest trails. By 2025, the mountain trails in central urban areas will span 900 kilometers.

The Cliff Trail Park in Dadukou District, Chongqing

The Cliff Trail Park in Dadukou District, Chongqing. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

(Zhu Qinzhuo, as an intern, also contributed to this report.)


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