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iVISTA Extreme Challenge Highlights Intelligent Connected Vehicles This Year


Chongqing- Bank of Mingyue Lake in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area witnessed a mountainous racing game where four teams of intelligent connected vehicle challengers joined to compete as a key part of the iVISTA Intelligent Connected Vehicle Challenge 2022 on 25 September.

The iVISTA Intelligent Connected Vehicle Challenge is an annual electric car feast organized by China Automotive Engineering Research Institute. During the Challenge, teams will compete on their ability to set up an autonomous car to finish different types of challenges.

The racing track is along Mingyue Lake at Chongqing Liangjiang New Area. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

With the total length of the 4.3 kilometers racing track, the Extreme Challenge is the new game added to this year’s competition. The committee picked Mingyue Lake as the arena due to its geography featuring various slopes and curves, typical of the road conditions in Chongqing.

Each team has a prior customed respective AI program for the game. The autonomous ability will be examined in various scenarios, such as avoiding passersby or getting through a passage with complicated roadblocks.

Racing is still a fundamental part of the competition. Four teams who took the Extreme Challenge needed to drive the autonomous car to pass all set barriers and whoever reached the terminal point in the shortest time won the championship.

Tan Chongchong, a graduate student of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, took the extreme challenge with the Bisheng Team, which was formed by other students of the same mentor who worked on intelligent connected vehicle V2X and smart vehicle programming. The team won the championship of the Extreme Challenge.

“Our excellent V2X connection helped us to win the championship, which other teams did not go deeper than us,” Tan said, “but this is not work done by a couple of our developers. This is a joint effort for generations of our mentor’s students.”

Intelligent driving aims to create a better future, and Chongqing never stops exploring intelligent vehicles and smart transport. Vehicle challenge events like iVISTA further support Chongqing’s plan to develop intelligent connected technologies, improve the city’s auto parts supply chain system, and expand smart infrastructure, building a world-class industrial cluster for intelligent connected vehicles and new energy vehicles.

Bisheng team was driving a Seres SF5 to cross a forestry area. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

As one of the major activities of the Smart China Expo, iVISTA has been held for the fifth time. Pan Deng, Marketing Manager of CAERI Intelligent Connected Technology Co., Ltd, introduced that iVISTA is far more than holds a racing game.

“One of the other achievements we’ve made so far is the iVISTA Smart Vehicles Index, which gives evaluation for all smart vehicles in China in terms of their abilities, such as security,” Pan said. “For that, we’ve already established a solid foundation on the brand in China.”

The iVISTA Smart Vehicle Index adjusts the evaluation system framework according to the functional characteristics of smart cars. It comprises five sub-indices: smart driving, parking, safety, interaction, and energy efficiency. Only the first four items are tested for traditional energy vehicles, while for new energy vehicles, all five items are tested.

iVISTA is a professional brand targeting intelligent connected vehicle tests. The iVISTA Intelligent Connected Vehicle Challenge, as an important program of iVISTA, provides a platform for China’s institutions and enterprises to test their development fruit on electric vehicles.


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