2020 has been a tough year for all of us, and it almost feels like it lasted approximately 12 months… and 365 years. We’ve been through so many things in a single year, which is definitely history-making and unprecedented. But no matter how difficult the past year turned out to be, let’s not forget about the fact that good things are still going to happen, and they will.

On this special page, we bring you some of the most memorable events that happened in 2020, and the exciting activities that we can look forward to in 2021. What’s more, our colleagues from iChongqing also made a short video dedicated to our fans. You can click on the play button to the right and hear what they have to say right now.

iChongqing Facebook Fans’ New Year Resolutions

2020 was an unprecedented and extraordinary year. At the end of the year, we invited our 1.6 million fans from our Facebook platform to join our two questionnaires to share their achievements in 2020 and their resolutions in 2021. Until now, we have received thousands of answers and likes from our fans. In the questionnaire about their achievements in 2020, we are happy to see that despite struggles, isolation, and unrest in the world, our fans still shared their positive gains in 2020. The key words of their achievements include staying healthy, staying safe, gaining wisdom, believing, love, happiness, courage, and recovery. In terms of their New Year resolutions, the key words are about health, love, wealth, security, the end of the pandemic, world peace, and family reunion among many others.