The opening of the direct flight from Chongqing to Paris, the first one in France,

will add the flight routes from Chongqing to Europe up to 6.

And by the end of 2019, the international flights in and out of Chongqing will be over 80,

while the sum will reach 100 by 2020. Chongqing is becoming one of the international aviation hubs.

Air Route City Airline Company Departure Flight Number Flight Schedule Type Local Departure Time
New York-Chongqing New York Hainan Airlines HU416 2 , 6 B787 1:50:00
Los Angele-Chongqing Los Angele Hainan Airlines HU468 2 , 6 B787 23:45:00
Paris - Chongqing Paris Hainan Airlines HU718 36 B787 13:00:00
London - Chongqing London Tianjin Airlines GS7966 236 A330 21:05:00
Rome - Chongqing Rome Hainan Airlines HU7992 25 A330 12:15:00
Helsinki - Chongqing Helsinki Finnair AY091 37 A330 17:40:00
Sydney -Chongqing Sydney Sichuan Airlines 3U606 25 A330 21:25:00
Melbourne - Chongqing Melbourne Tianjin Airlines GS7946 357 A330 13:40:00
Auckland - Chongqing Auckland Tianjin Airlines GS7958 14 A330 21:45:00
Doha - Chongqing Doha Qatar QR880 135 A330 2:10:00
Dubai - Chongqing Dubai Air China CA452 257 A330 1:00:00
Chicago - Beijing-Chongqing Chicago Hainan Airlines HU498 246 B787 14:55:00
Toronto - Beijing -Chongqing Toronto Hainan Airlines HU7976 1357 B787 16:10:00
Boston - Shanghai -Chongqing Boston Hainan Airlines HU7962 2467 B787 15:45:00
Seattle - Shanghai - Chongqing Seattle Hainan Airlines HU7956 135 B787 10:45:00
Seoul - Chongqing Seoul Asiana Air OZ353 2367 A321 8:30:00
Seoul - Chongqing Seoul Air China CA440 1234567 B737 15:55:00
Tokoyo- Shanghai- Chongqing Tokoyo Air China CA158 1234567 B737 8:55:00
Tokoyo-Chongqing Tokoyo Spring Airlines IJ1021 1245 B737 9:05:00
Osaka - Chongqing Osaka Spring Airlines 9C8778 367 A320 7:35:00
Singapore - Chongqing Singapore Silkair MI972/976/980 1234567 B7M8 7:00/12:25/19:15
Singapore - Chongqing Singapore Western China Airlines PN6358 1234567 A320 0:35:00
Bangkok - Chongqing Bangkok Thai AirAsia PN6358 1234567 A320 0:35:00
Bangkok - Chongqing Bangkok Thai Smile Airways WE684 1234567 A320 11:05:00
Bangkok - Chongqing Bangkok Thai Lion Air WE684 1234567 B737 21:00:00
Phuket - Chongqing Phuket Thai Lion Air SL996 2357 B737 20:35:00
Phuket - Chongqing Phuket Chongqing Airlines OQ2360 1234567 A320 0:50:00
Phuket - Chongqing Phuket Sichuan Airlines 3U8810 1234567 A321 1:25:00
Chiangmai - Chongqing Chiangmai Shandong Airlines SC1178 246 B737 16:10:00
Kuala Lumpur - Chongqing Kuala Lumpur AirAisa D7806/8 2467 A330 20:10/18:55
Kuala Lumpur - Chongqing Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Airlines MH518 1357 B738 20:50:00
Cebu - Chongqing Cebu Sichuan Airlines 3U8394 1234567 A320 21:15:00
Kalibo-Chongqing Kalibo Sichuan Airlines 3U8286 1234567 A320 20:45:00
Siem Reap-Chongqing Siem Reap Shandong Airlines SC1176 15 B737 16:15/15:50
Siem Reap-Chongqing Siem Reap JC (Cambodia) International Airlines QD798 246 A320 20:55:00
Chongqing-Sihanoukville Sihanoukville JC (Cambodia) International Airlines 3U8098 36 A321 21:20:00
Chongqing-Sihanoukville Sihanoukville JC (Cambodia) International Airlines QD712 246 A320 20:30:00
Phnom Penh - Chongqing Phnom Penh Shandong Airlines SC1180 37 B737 16:15:00
Phnom Penh -Siem Reap-China Phnom Penh JC (Cambodia) International Airlines QD712 246 A320 20:30:00
Hanoi - Chongqing Hanoi Chongqing Airlines OQ2362 2467 A320 23:30/00:30
Nha Trang-Chongqing Nha Trang Sichuan Airlines 3U8856 247 A321 21:50:00
Nha Trang-Chongqing Nha Trang Air China CA454 1234567 B737 14:00:00
Krabi - Chongqing Krabi Thai AirAsia FD578 1234567 A320 20:55:00
Hong Kong - Chongqing Hong Kong Air China CA419 1234567 B737 18:40:00
Hong Kong - Chongqing Hong Kong Hong Kong Airlines HX496 1234567 A320 20:50:00
Hong Kong - Chongqing Hong Kong Dragonair KA842/840 1234567 A320/A320 8:15:00/13:25:00
Macao - Chongqing Maocao Air Macau NX182 1234567 A320 8:35:00
Taipei Taoyuan- Chongqing Taipei Air China CA410 23567 B737 19:20:00
Taipei Taoyuan- Chongqing Taipei China Airlines CI553 36 A330 15:30:00
Taipei Taoyuan- Chongqing Taipei UNI Air B7193 14 A321 8:00:00
Taipei -Chongqing Taipei Sichuan Airlines 3U8980 257 A321 20:15:00
Taipei -Chongqing Taipei Air China CA470 4 B737 19:30:00
Taipei -Chongqing Taipei EVA Air BR739 46 A321 10:25:00



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Chongqing is the largest municipality in southwest China. It is a modern port city on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River at the confluence of the Yangtze River and the Jialing River. Chongqing is opening itself to the world. The megacity is the world's fastest-growing city for tourism. Find out why so many tourists flocking here, and here are recommendations for what to eat, where to stay and how to spend a wonderful time in the spicy city of Chongqing.


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Travel routes are picked up to travel from Chongqing Municipality to provinces around, including Shaanxi in the north, Sichuan in the west, Guizhou and Yunnan in the south.
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