Chinese New Year is the Chinese festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the Lunar calendar. During this period is dominated by iconic red lanterns, massive banquets and parades, and the festival even triggers exuberant celebrations across the globe. Chinese New Year is also a time to be home with family, chatting, drinking, cooking, and enjoying a hearty meal together.

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Cartoonist Youjiang(游江) and his new cartoon on 2020 Spring festival

Homesickness in Chinese Cartoons
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A lonely stranger in a strange land I am cast, I miss my family all the more on every festival day.-----Wangwei, Dang Dynasty (701-761 A.D)

The Spring Festival means a family reunion for the Chinese people. For those who can not go back home, it is time for suffering great longing. Youjiang, a Chinese cartoonist, draws a series of cartoons to ease the homesickness in the Spring Festival. "I want to help those who could not go back home and celebrate the Spring Festival with their families to express their kind of homesickness by these cartoons. "The Spring Festival is a memory of hometown, as Youjiang expressed in his works, the streets, the city, the local food, the old daily necessities, are all about home and the Chinese New Year.