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James' Vlog | Enjoying the phenomenon of 'country house fun' in Chongqing!

By James Alexander, Deng Zhang|Apr 03,2020

Chongqing - Following the introduction of economic reforms in the 1970s, there was a new form of recreation called 'Country house fun' that became popular. Country house fun is one possible translation of the Chinese term 农家乐(nong jia le) and refers to rural households that entertain guests as a form of economic activity.

The most common places to see these in Chongqing are along country roads leading up to popular mountain resorts and getaways.

Join me on my recent visit to Gele Mountain, where I share a 'country house fun' experience in Chongqing on a warm spring day.

Within the urban area of Chongqing, the most regularly visited examples are on Nanshan and Geleshan, followed by the more remote and wilder Tieshanping.

When you travel past these country houses, you will often find people sat outside who jump out to beckon passing drivers. This especially common in locations where competition is fiercer, such as in national park areas.


The natural environment upon Gele Mountain provides a great surrounding for a fun day out in Chongqing!

Locals in Chongqing find country houses appealing for a multitude of reasons. They enjoy the tranquil atmosphere away from the downtown bustle, the relative simplicity of life, fresh air, closeness to nature, and locally produced food.

Entertainment comes in the way of exploring the surroundings, a few rounds of cards or mahjong, an afternoon's fishing, as well as quality time spent with family and friends over Chinese tea.

Also, country house fun can be a way to escape the fierce summer heat, as the mountain areas of Chongqing can feel much cooler, thanks to the higher elevation, verdant canopy, and refreshing breezes.


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