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Why Chongqing's Piloting in Western China's Service Industry?

By VIVIAN YAN|Sep 06,2021

Chongqing- Why Chongqing has become the only city in central and western China to carry out a comprehensive pilot program for expanding its service industry in 9 areas, including data, health care, legal protection, education, talents, etc.? The Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce has given answers on September 2.

Chongqing has become the only city in the central and western regions to carry out a comprehensive pilot program for expanding its service industry. (iChongqing/ Vivian Yan)


In the field of data, Chongqing has actively promoted the promulgation of Regulations of Chongqing on the Administration of Big Data Development and Measures of Chongqing for the Administration of Data Security through continuously improving its data rules and security system.

Meanwhile, the China-Singapore (Chongqing) International Dedicated Connectivity will be used to accelerate the formation of the system of international digital trade rules, including the classification and security assessment of cross-border data flows and the establishment of a new digital trade channel for New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor (ILSTC).

Health Care

In the health care field, Chongqing supports Hong Kong and Macao service providers in setting up wholly-owned medical institutions and actively promotes establishing foreign-funded specialized hospitals. 

Besides, Chongqing also supports the development of internet-based medical services, promotes data sharing, and actively explores the possibility of incorporating internet-based medical fees into medical insurance payments to increase the coverage and utilization of internet-based hospitals.

Legal Protection

Regarding legal protection, Chongqing has actively planned to introduce well-known overseas arbitration and dispute settlement institutions to conduct arbitration on civil and commercial disputes in the fields of international commercial affairs, transportation, and investment, provide more diversified international commercial arbitration services for domestic and overseas parties.

This also encourages Chongqing to build an international civil and commercial arbitration center in central and western China.


In the field of education, Chongqing will support the cooperation between application-oriented universities and higher vocational colleges and high-level universities of applied technology abroad to set up high-level Chinese-foreign cooperative educational institutions and projects.

At the same time, Chongqing will actively develop integrated online education, allowing vocational colleges and general universities to purchase and use qualified socialized and marketized online course resources and incorporate them into their daily teaching systems.


With regard to talents, Chongqing has formulated the Catalogue of Professional and technical Vocational Qualification Examination for Overseas Talents. It allows overseas persons working legally in Chongqing to apply for the relevant professional and technical vocational qualification examination in China under relevant regulations.

Science and Technology

Chongqing has launched a pilot project to grant researchers the ownership or long-term right to use their scientific and technological achievements in terms of science and technology.

At present, Liangjiang New Area has launched the first "cross-border loan for science and technology" in China and innovated the foreign debt management pilot for high-tech enterprises to support their development.

Commerce, Culture, and Tourism

In terms of commerce, culture, and tourism, Chongqing will intensify the introduction and cultivation of projects to stimulate market subjects' operation power and strive to form an influential brand of commerce, culture, and tourism under Chongqing characteristics.

For example, Chongqing Customs and Yuzhong District innovatively explored the mode of "bonded plus temporary entry and exit." They carried out the first high-end luxury goods bonded entry exhibition and exchange activity in western China, where the import and export value of luxury goods reached 598 million yuan (approximately 92.66 U.S. Dollars).

A picture of Chongqing at night. (iChongqing/ Vivian Yan)


Interim Measures of Chongqing municipality for The Pilot Work of Overseas Investment by Qualified Domestic Limited Partners have been issued in the financial field. Yi De Fund and Hanhua Huitai Fund are the first to be approved and become the first batch of QDLP pilot enterprises in Chongqing.

Furthermore, Chongqing has actively developed carbon spot trading and environmental equity financing, developed green financing tools, issued the first carbon-neutral bond, the first special green finance bond in western China, and issued the first "carbon emission quota pledge loan." More than 30 banking institutions have launched 140 green financial products.

In the field of investment facilitation and logistics clearance, Chongqing has promoted HSBC Chongqing Branch, Shinhan Chongqing Branch, and other foreign banks to participate in import and export customs clearance tax payment and customs guarantee business.

Chongqing will continue to support the regular delivery of China Railway Express to Europe and carry out its express inbound and outbound pilot services.

(Peng Qin, as an intern, also contributed to this report.)


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