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China's Highest Cloud Walk Project Unveiled in Chongqing

By RAN ZHENG|May 27,2022

Chongqing- On May 25, Chongqing's first 100-story skyscraper, the International Land-Sea Center, ushered in its new project name, "Chongqing 100." This skyscraper will refresh Chongqing's skyline. Chongqing 100 represents the city's spirit of climbing up and leading Chongqing to build an international consumption center, where it offers the highest cloud walk experience in China. Visitors will be at an altitude of 458 meters, just like walking in the clouds. In addition, there is a 360° bird's-eye view of the bustling city of Chongqing, making it the next must-check spot in Chongqing.

The design sketch of Chongqing 100.

The design sketch of Chongqing 100. (Photo Provided to iChongqing)

Like the Empire State Building in New York, the Taipei 101 Building, and the Federal 108 Building, Chongqing 100 will serve as a documentary connecting the city's history and future. The building represents the urban economy, technology, art, and other elements. It is also a symbol of Chongqing's local culture and spiritual core, allowing people to communicate with the world through architecture.

A new business card of Chongqing

In 2019, Chongqing became the connection point of the Belt and Road Initiative and the Yangtze River Economic Belt, a vital fulcrum of China's Western Development Strategy and the operation center of the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor. In 2020, Chongqing launched the only foreign-related business zone, Chongqing international business district. Meanwhile, Chongqing Vanke launched a city renewal plan. In 2022, Chongqing is spending efforts to cultivate the international consumption center. To build a new development pattern for the international consumption center, Chongqing 100 was born.

The name Chongqing 100 is not only a manifestation of a 100-floor-height but also a condensed spirit of Chongqing. It's a super project that consumed 79,000 tons of steel, with a height of 458 meters. It's also Chongqing's first skyscraper to win the Green Building Evaluation Label (China Three Star) and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

The origin of Chongqing 100 logo.

The origin of the Chongqing 100 logo. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

"1" represents the building stairs and contains the unique texture of the city's land. The building looks like a bamboo knot, which conveys the upward urban spirit of Chongqing. The graphic element on the right takes the deformation of the first letter of "Chongqing" and the intersection of the two rivers as the visual matrix, forming an infinite symbol with unique Chongqing characteristics.

A super vertical city

On the TOD micro-city connected by Chongqing Rail Transit Line 9, Chongqing 100 builds six office spaces, including culture and art, innovation and interaction, health experience, and international communication.

Chongqing 100 has introduced 4 business forms.

Chongqing 100 has introduced four business forms. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

It also instructed consulates, foreign service agencies, high-end medical institutions, private banks, overseas real estate, high-end insurance, and other institutional enterprises despite introducing innovative companies and international group companies.

This February, Chongqing has released incentive policies to attract commercial brands to locate their first store in Chongqing. In the investment plan, Chongqing 100 also introduced several top brands, such as Tsutaya Books, a world-renowned Japanese bookstore chain, and BLT Supermarket, the high-end supermarket of China Resources Vanguard; the first store in Chongqing.

The entry of leading brand merchants has also brought more excellent brands to join, like world-renowned sports brands Under Armour, New Balance, China Li Ning; fashion brands ECCO, Chow Tai Fook; stylish catering brands Wagas, Häagen-Dazs, and M Stand Coffee. The city flagship store of Zeekr, Li, and SAIC Volkswagen ID Store all landed in Chongqing 100.

Banyan Tree Chongqing 100 Skyline welcomes guests from all over the world with oriental etiquette. It boasts IPs like the city's highest sky lobby, 360° guest rooms, the highest city rooftop bar in the southwest, and an infinity pool.



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