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The 6th CPC Chongqing Municipal Congress Opens, Set Plans for the Next Five Years


Chongqing- The 6th Chongqing Municipal Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) grandly opened in the Great Hall of the People in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality on May 27. Chen Min'er, secretary of the CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee, made a report at the conference on behalf of the 5th CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee. 

The Party Congress is the abbreviation of the National Congress of the CPC and the local congress of the CPC at all levels which are held every five years. It is an important form for party members to exercise political rights and the CPC's political activities. 

Chen addressed that the 6th CPC Chongqing Municipal Congress is an important meeting held ahead of the upcoming 20th CPC National Congress and during the critical period in the new journey of Chongqing's endeavors for socialist modernization. A total of 760 delegates were expected to attend the meeting, and the actual number of delegates was 746, which was in line with the required number. 

The report was divided into four parts: first, a review and summary of the work in the past five years; second, development philosophies and goals for the next five years; third, key measures of the next five years; fourth, main tasks of Party's comprehensive and strict governance in the next five years. 

Chen represented that Chongqing has experienced encouraging and profound changes in the past five years. Chongqing's economic development has achieved an overall transformation from high-speed growth to high-quality development, and people's lives have realized a historic transition from piecemeal prosperity to moderate prosperity in all respects and throughout the country. 

Chen pointed out that in the next five years, it is necessary to promote industrial optimization and upgrading, accelerate the cultivation of a number of advanced manufacturing clusters, promote the in-depth integration of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries, vigorously develop modern high-efficiency agriculture, build an "intelligent manufacturing town" and "intelligent city," and constantly expand the real economy. 

It is important to further promote innovation and development, continue to promote innovation-driven development led by big data intelligence, strengthen the construction of high-energy science and innovation platforms, create a favorable innovation ecology, and accelerate the creation of a science and innovation center with a national influence. 

The cooperation between Sichuan and Chongqing should be comprehensively promoted to create a high-level regional cooperation model and jointly build the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle

To promote urban renewal and upgrading of economic, humanistic, ecological, and living quality, building an international, intelligent, and humanistic modern metropolis. 

To promote rural revitalization and ensure that people do not sink back into poverty in large numbers. Meanwhile, food security and cultivated land protection are also essential. It has to accelerate the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, promote high-quality and efficient agriculture, make rural areas liveable and suitable for employment and make farmers prosperous, drawing a new picture of integrated urban and rural development. 

To promote high-level reform and opening up, focus on key areas and key links, and facilitate more overall, leading, and iconic reforms. It should be fully integrated into the development of the Belt and Road Initiative and the Yangtze River Economic Belt, fully stimulating the vitality of high-quality development. 

To promote green development, calling for efforts to promote well-coordinated environmental conservation and avoid excessive development. The green transformation in production and lifestyle should be accelerated to build an important ecological barrier in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River

To improve the people's livelihood, continue to make efforts in employment, education, medical care, sports, social security, pension, childcare, housing, and other livelihood work. Solid work should be made on practical matters of people's livelihood to increase the income of urban and rural residents through multiple aspects and effectively promote common prosperity in high-quality development. 

To promote the modernization of social governance with the aim to build a higher level of peace and security in Chongqing, striving to achieve high-quality development and high-level safe and healthy interaction. 

To improve democracy and the rule of law, promote the construction of special consultative bodies of the People's Political Consultative Conference. To adhere to the broad united front pattern, comprehensively promote the rule of law, and gather the wisdom of all parties. 


New Era, New Journey, New Chongqing

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