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Take the High-speed Railway Tour to Wushan County, the Three Gorges Hinterland


Chongqing- In the past, tourists had to visit Wushan County in Chongqing by boat, while now, they can take the Zhengzhou-Chongqing high-speed railway to Wushan. The transportation upgrade brings a new experience to tourists.

The newly built Wushan High-speed railway station. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

A stereoscopic transportation system with river, land, air, and rail

On August 16, 2019, Wushan Airport was officially opened. At present, travel from Wushan Airport and the urban districts of Chongqing by airplane only takes 55 minutes. A total of 8 routes have been opened, covering ten cities, including Chengdu, Wuhan, Haikou, and Guangzhou. Wushan and the world are now closely connected by air routes.

The beautiful scenery of Wushan airport. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

After seven years of construction, Wushan is about to realize the "high-speed rail dream" this June. By then, it will take only 4.5 hours from Beijing to Wushan, 2.5 hours from Zhengzhou to Wushan, 3.5 hours from Chengdu to Wushan, and 2 hours from the urban districts of Chongqing to Wushan.

In addition, Wushan has planned 15 rural bus routes from the high-speed railway station to key townships in the county, fully realizing the seamless connection between cities, towns, and the high-speed railway station. At the same time, seven tourism routes have been opened from Wushan High-speed Railway Station to Wushan Visitor Center, the Lesser Three Gorges Visitor Center, the Goddess (Shennv) Peak Scenic Spot, and Wushan Airport providing more convenience for tourists visiting Wushan.

A new pattern of the Three Gorges Tour takes shape

Cultural tourism is an important carrier to enhancing the city's quality, and it is also one of the most important strategies for developing Wushan.

Located at the heart of the Three Gorges Reservoir area, Wushan is known as the "Gateway to the Eastern Chongqing" and is renowned for its unique natural scenery and cultural heritage. It is a perfect choice for travel, leisure, and outing. 

The tourism industry attaches great importance to the transportation network. To meet the opening of the high-speed railway, Wushan has already prepared many routes and various projects in advance.

On the Wushan night cruise, tourists can enjoy an incredible light show when night falls. This fantastic "Light of the Three Gorges" is themed on Wushan, Three Gorges, and Yangtze culture displayed using modern-day technology, including projections from onshore features such as the city architecture and a karst cliff face inside the Lesser Three Gorges beyond Longmen Bridge. It shows the charm of the city of mountains and rivers and has already become a new landmark of the county.

Light of the Three Gorges uses city features in Wushan in tandem with live performances onboard in a unique travel experience. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

In 2021, Chongqing Wulipo National Nature Reserve Area, located in Dangyang Township, Wushan County, was successfully included in the World Natural Heritage Site, which has attracted widespread attention across the country. The success of Wulipo's application to the World Heritage List confirms the superiority of Wushan's ecological environment and becomes a free "billboard" for the rich surrounding tourism resources.

Starting from Wushan County, tourists can go all the way to Shennongjia Dajiu Lake National Wetland Park. Along the way, you can enjoy the scenery of the canyon, alpine, waterfall, and ancient town.

Hospitality for tourists

The upgrade of the scenic spot has brought more tourists, and how to keep and maintain tourists has always been the focus of Wushan County.

In terms of food, with the "Hometown of Grilled Fish in China" as the carrier, more than 40 kinds of local specialties such as jade jelly, Wushan pear paste, and Wushan bacon are produced, and exotic flavors are introduced so that tourists can "travel in Wushan and taste all over the world."

In terms of living, with the county as the center, Wushan has actively developed the leisure and vacation accommodation industry. Thirty-nine hotels and 685 farmhouses were built or renovated, forming multiple fulcrums to meet the accommodation needs of global tourism development.

Now, Wushan has become not only a famous tourist destination in China and even the world but will also become the brightest pearl in the heart of the Three Gorges Reservoir area with the construction of a "river, land, air, and rail" transportation system.


New Era, New Journey, New Chongqing

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