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Foreign Friend Falls in Love with Chongqing's Intelligent Manufacturing


On July 2, Kate, who had just returned to the main urban area from Chengkou County, Chongqing, couldn’t wait to find the Changan Auto Sales Exhibition Hall and test drive the new model. “Driving 400 kilometers to Chengkou was supposed to be an appointment to enjoy the local delicacy, but I was accidentally attracted to cars made in Chongqing.” Kate talked about it while studying the intelligent system in the car and couldn’t help but steep it with high praise.

Intelligent technology makes the journey safe and comfortable

Kate is the commercial consul of the Hungarian Consulate General in Chongqing. On June 30, she was invited to leave for Chengkou County, Chongqing, to participate in a series of “Perception of Chongqing” activities sponsored by the Publicity Department of the Municipal Party Committee (City Government Information Office), the Municipal Education Commission, the Foreign Affairs Office of the Municipal Government, and the Municipal Transportation Bureau. The activity will lead think tank experts, foreign youth, and overseas influencers to go deep into the grassroots level to tell the story of Chongqing through live aerial photography at home and abroad, dialogue between Chinese and foreign youth, taste Chongqing cuisine, and other activities.

Changan's second-generation CS75PLUS in Chengkou, Chongqing.

Changan’s second-generation CS75PLUS in Chengkou, Chongqing. (Photo provided by Smart Roadshow International News Center)

Although she has lived in China for more than ten years and has been in Chongqing for a long time, this is Kate’s first trip to Chengkou. “I heard that it is the farthest county in Chongqing and the only county without an expressway. It takes at least six hours by car.” Kate said she was a little nervous and worried about safety before leaving.

Shortly after leaving, Kate’s concerns were dispelled. “If the driver yawns a few times, the car will send a voice reminder, automatically recommending the nearest service area to rest. It’s so smart.” Kate immediately became curious about the car full of “black technology.”

It turns out that this is the second generation CS75PLUS of Changan Auto, a local brand in Chongqing. The car is equipped with an intelligent cockpit interaction system, which can recognize the frequency of drivers blinking and yawning, determine the fatigue driving level, and use voice early warning, music refreshment, making fun, and other methods for fatigue intervention. In any state of fatigue, the system will give priority to recommend rest in the nearest service area. When the system determines the driver is mildly fatigued, it will issue voice reminders to pull over and rest. If it is moderate fatigue, the system will simulate incoming calls. In severe fatigue, the system will turn on a comprehensive refreshing mode, such as opening the window, moderating the air conditioner at 18 degrees, turning on the purification of 3 windscreens, and playing refreshing music.

Changan’s second-generation CS75Plus is full of “black technology”

Changan’s second-generation CS75Plus is full of “black technology.” (Photo provided by Smart Roadshow International News Center)

“It’s simply an ‘intelligent partner’ during the long-distance driving, making our journey safe and comfortable.” Kate praised the intimate functions of this Changan car.

Kate was also surprised by the voice interaction system in the car. “Hello, Xiao’an, please help me check the weather in Chengkou and help me navigate there.” Kate said that she didn’t expect ” Xiao’an ” to not only understand the driver’s Chongqing dialect but also understand in the continuous dialogue that “there” refers to Chengkou in the previous sentence.

“Hello, Xiao’an, you are so smart.” ” Thank you,” the car responded. When the praise got Xiao’an’s response, Kate was immediately attracted to it. She said that adapting to drivers and passengers who speak different languages is a very competitive technology in automobile intelligence and has the strength to participate in international competition. “I hope to see more cars made in Chongqing go overseas.”

Intelligent transformation to a global brand

As a local brand in Chongqing, Changan Auto provided 6 Changan second-generation CS75Pluss to the “Perception of Chongqing” serial activities. Through the driving experience of think tank experts, overseas influencers, and foreign youth elites, it tells the world the development story of Chinese national brands.

Changan’s second-generation CS75Plus is in Wulong, Chongqing.

Changan’s second-generation CS75Plus is in Wulong, Chongqing. (Photo provided by Smart Roadshow International News Center)

“Intelligence is a challenge and an opportunity for traditional automobile enterprises. As long as we can seize the opportunity, whether an international or a Chinese brand, it is a very good transformation and upgrading.” According to the relevant person in charge of Changan Auto, Changan Automobile has always been a brand with science and technology as the core competitiveness. In 2017, Changan Auto launched its third innovation and entrepreneurship plan, promoting the new energy “Shangri-La Plan” and the intelligent “Beidou Tianshu Plan,” and began accelerating the transformation from technology, products, services, and other dimensions to intelligent low-carbon travel technology companies.

Every year, Changan Auto invests 5% of its sales revenue in research and development. Since the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, it has invested 123.5 billion yuan, and the investment in R&D increased by 24.51% year-on-year in 2021. At present, Changan Auto has mastered more than 600 intelligent low-carbon technologies. In the field of intelligence, 26 technologies developed by Changan Auto have been launched in China. After 2020, the newly listed passenger vehicles have been 100% connected to the internet and have mastered more than 30 key core technologies of L3 intelligent driving assistance. L4 has been jointly developed with partners, and demonstration operation under the scenario of the open road has been realized.

“We will always take the people’s needs for a better life as a ‘compass’ to guide enterprises forward,” said a representative from Changan Auto. In the future, Changan Auto will further increase its investment in the research and development of smart vehicles, integrate social resources to focus on smart travel, artificial intelligence, chips, high-precision maps, voice interaction, holographic technology, and other fields, and strive to use better-updated products to enable more people to have a happy and better life.


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