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The Story of a Chongqing Post-80s and His Three Changan SUVs


In the early morning of July 27, Liu Xin, who lives in Jiulongpo District, had breakfast, parked his new ride- the new CS75PLUS, and drove out of the garage, waiting for his family to carry different sizes of bags into the car.

When everything was settled. Liu Xin slowly drove out of the neighborhood, and the whole family headed for Wulong Fairy Mountain. They planned to enjoy a comfortable and leisurely holiday in this famous summer resort.

In the sun, the white CS75PLUS drove lightly on the highway, and Eason Chan’s album Ten Years was played in the car. The whole family was so pleased on this journey.

The Changan CS75 is on the road.

The Changan CS75 is on the road. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

More than three hours later, Liu Xin stood on the prairie of Fairy Mountain, patted the hood of his car, and said that it was his third Changan car in 10 years.

Ten years, three cars! It is precisely because of huge fans like Liu Xin that Changan Auto can achieve such impressive results: according to the statistics, in June, the number of Changan CS75 series sold reached 21,084. So far, Changan CS75 series products have exceeded 1.6 million in eight years.

Through the special ten-year relationship of Liu Xin and Changan, we can glimpse the development process of Changan Auto.

He had a connection with Changan 10 years ago

“The most intuitive feeling is that every time I change the car, the quality, performance, and driving experience of Changan cars are greatly improved.” Liu Xin said that he is an indigenous Chongqing people born in the 1980s, so he is very familiar with the local brand Changan Auto.

Even ten years ago, when Liu Xin didn’t have a car, he already knew Changan.

In 2012, Changan Auto began to grab the chance in the market. It launched Yidong, CS35, Yuexiang, and other eye-catching models in one go, and almost all of them became popular on the market.

At that time, Liu Xin was still studying in Sichuan province. As soon as he got his driver’s license, he was keen on self-driving tours. “I made an appointment with my friends to rent a car and drive on our own as soon as the holiday started, and we almost visited all the famous scenic spots in Sichuan and Chongqing.” Liu Xin had rented many cars of joint venture brands, but the impression was not very good. The joint venture car was not without any worries like people said. He often encountered some problems and even had the experience of being stopped halfway because of car problems.

On the contrary, a Changan car from a friend has always been “stable” and can take them to where they want to go every time and take them home safely from anywhere.

Since then, he had been deeply in love with Changan cars. Soon, there was a car purchase plan at home. Liu Xin strongly recommended it to the family, and then he got that Changan Yidong home.

He chose Changan CS75 for the second time 

In 2016, Liu Xin, who had not worked for a long time, saved tens of thousands of yuan and considered buying himself an SUV. Of course, Changan was the first choice. “At that time, the most popular model was Changan’s star model CS75.” Since the debut of CS75 in 2014, he fell in love with it at first sight.

CS75 was also impressive. After two years of the huge change in the market, it still kept its position in the industry, even though it was changed twice, and each time it became a hit.

Liu Xin’s memory was confirmed by the relevant person in charge of Changan Auto: Changan Auto was the only Chinese brand at the 65th Frankfurt Auto Show in 2013. As soon as CS75 was unveiled, it became the focus of domestic and foreign media coverage. Compared with the mainstream models in the market then, Changan CS75 reached a satisfactory level in product design, configuration, and other aspects and was more in line with the needs of consumers at the price level.

37 months, 500,000 vehicles! The market data was objective, and the debut of CS75 was significantly ahead of the leading product in the market at that time.

Changan Auto welcomed new members of his family

Liu Xin has a deep feeling about his first CS75. “It welcomed the arrival of new members of our family!” Liu Xin’s wife was a nurse and had been sticking to her position during pregnancy. One night, she felt a stomachache as soon as she came home from work, so Liu Xin drove her to the hospital.

“It was a 40-minute drive, and I worried my wife might sit uncomfortably,” Liu Xin said. He put the back seat in the back row, put on a cushion, and let his wife lie on the pillow. “My wife said that for the first time, she found that our car was spacious and stable, and it was comfortable to lie down.” With his wife’s “praise,” CS75 was kind of encouraged. It kept speeding through the traffic, arrived safely at the hospital as soon as possible, and his son Liuliu was given birth smoothly.

When discharged from the hospital, there were many things, but the trunk of CS75 was large enough to contain many things. That day, he drove a car full of stuff with his happy family and safely took his precious son home.

The complex and exciting self-driving experience, the small ups and downs of daily life, accompanied by the car day and night, the steel machinery seemed to be alive, became a member of the family, which made Liu Xin more sure of his correct choice of Changan.

He also acted as a “car agent” when relatives and friends of his had a car purchase demand, he would strongly recommend Changan Auto. When his father wanted to change his car, Liu Xin highly recommended he buy a CS75PLUS.

Changan Auto grew up with Liu Xin’s son

Time flies, and his son has grown up, accompanied by Changan CS75, which is also growing and evolving.

According to the relevant person in charge of Changan Auto, in 2019, five years after CS75 was launched, Changan Auto realized that consumers had higher demand, so CS75PLUS came into being. Its shape is more avant-garde, more scientific and technological, the configuration is more comprehensive, and the power system has been optimized accordingly. The APA5.0 super remote-control automatic parking launched in the industry is the icing on the cake, which has once again become the focus.

Changan Auto's CS75 Plus

The Changan second-generation CS75PLUS. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Since his father bought CS75PLUS, Liu Xin’s favorite research is the intelligent function. “Look at the car, it’s smarter than my mobile phone.” Liu Xin sat in the cab and pointed to the dashboard to introduce the reporter. The car was equipped with an intelligent cockpit interaction system and the latest voice interaction system of IFLYTEK.

“If I want to listen to songs, use navigation, or make phone calls, I could just say directly in Chongqing dialect,” Liu Xin said. My son likes the Internet of Vehicles the most. As soon as he got in the car, he said, “Hello, Xiao’an, I want to listen to stories,” which is smoother than Liu Xin uses the system.

In addition to the human-computer interaction function, Liu Xin also gave a thumbs-up to the intelligent cloud control of Changan Auto. “Maintenance and vehicle diagnosis will be reminded on the APP, and many intelligent, active services are becoming increasingly advanced.” In addition, the car also has some “black technologies,” such as adaptive cruise, full-speed intelligent cruise, speed limit recognition function, parallel assistance, blind spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking, etc. These active and passive assisted driving functions can make the family sitting in the car safer.

Changan is developing new energy and smart cars

At the beginning of this year, Changan Auto launched the second-generation CS75PLUS, a new generation of blue whale power support. The whole series is matched with the Aixin 8AT gearbox. This power matching and adjustment set are first-class, and the driving texture is running, which impresses Liu Xin again.

This is the tenth year since Liu Xin met Changan Automobile, and he changed his car again.

“Ten years ago, I didn’t know you, you didn’t belong to me” (lyrics from Eason Chen’s song). Ten years later, when Liu Xin owned a Changan car, his life became more comfortable.

Liu Xin is a witness to the ten-year path of Changan, and his partner “Changan CS75,” is a witness to the rise of domestic, independent brand cars.

In 8 years, a total of 1.6 million vehicles have been sold. The CS75 series has realized the process of domestic independent compact SUVs, starting from scratch, from weak to strong, and from breakthrough to leading.

The growth of Changan will not stagnate! In recent years, Changan Auto has begun to make efforts in intelligent networking. For example, the first Smart China Expo implemented the “Beidou Tianshu” intelligent strategy. At the i-VISTA self-driving car challenges in 2019 and 2020, the Changan team continuously won the champion of APS automatic parking events.

“We will always take the people’s needs for a better life as a ‘compass’ to guide enterprises forward.” The relevant person in charge of Changan Auto said that in the future, it would further increase its investment in research and development of new energy and smart vehicles, striving to use better and updated products to enable more people to have a happy and better life.


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