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Changan Automobile: We Keep Going Forward


Chongqing- Recently, the Reception of Chongqing series of activities with Changan Automobile visited the Three Gorges Step City Yunyang County. The experience has changed people’s perceptions of Yunyang County and Changan Automobile.

Yunyang Rainbow Swing is the world’s highest, fastest and biggest swing

Yunyang Rainbow Swing is the world’s highest, fastest and largest swing. (iChongqing file photo)

Three Gorges Staircase City

When it comes to Yunyang County, most people picture  Zhang Fei Temple, Dragon Jar, and Bao Mian, and when discussing Changan Automobile, people may think of vans and cars. 

Dengyun Stairs in Yunyang County, Chongqing

Dengyun Stairs in Yunyang County, Chongqing. (iChongqing file photo)

In aerial drone footage taken over Yunyang’s new town, stairs in the shape of “Ren” (person) run through the city. This is “Dengyun Ladder.” It has a vertical height difference of more than 300 meters and has a total of 1999 classes. All stone materials are carved by native local traditional craftsmen and made of blue and white stone, unique to the Three Gorges Reservoir area. Therefore, people’s feelings for climbing have changed from a habit to a passion, and more and more people are persevering, never giving up on their goals.

Every major festival, Yunyang people will invite friends to climb here to pray. “Yunyang is born with an upward gene,” said Wu Xianwen, executive deputy director of the publicity department of the Yunyang County Party Committee. The two climbing heroes in the 2019 film The Climbers were based here in Yunyang. With the “Dengyun Ladder,” Yunyang County is also endowed with “upward, pioneering, innovative” urban characteristics.

More than 70 percent of Yunyang’s budget is spent on improving people’s livelihoods, enhancing employment opportunities, and expanding medical facilities. Moreover, the county strives to provide modern infrastructures, such as transportation, and parks, for the convenience and satisfaction of its residents.

Yunyang is constantly moving forward to introduce itself to the world. As part of the China-Europe Railway Express, the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor (ILSTC), and Chongqing Wanzhou Port, the county has actively participated in open platforms designed to improve agricultural and industrial products’ bonded logistics.

As the only 4A-level scenic county in Chongqing, Yunyang is accelerating the construction of Qingshui National Tourism Resort and developing regional tours such as canyon geological wonders. In addition to constructing the Jurassic Dinosaur Park.

Changan Automobile reaches new heights in the industry

“Upward, pioneering, innovative” is not only Yunyang’s urban character but also Changan Automobile’s brand ethos. On the day of the event, Changan’s second-generation CS75PLUS debuted in Yunyang.

Changan’s second-generation CS75Plus is full of “black technology”

Changan’s second-generation CS75PLUS is full of “black technology.” (Photo provided by Smart Roadshow International News Center)

According to a representative from Changan Automobile, the key to climbing new peaks is to grasp the rhythm, and every step needs to be powerful and solid. Following Changan Automobile’s history, reaching new heights requires similar qualities.

From military to civil end use, the Changan Automobile Company began producing mini-cars in 1984, when China’s automobile industry was in its infancy. Changan Automobile entered the passenger car market in 2004, following the golden decade of Chinese automobiles. Changan Automobile transformed into a smart, low-carbon travel technology company in 2017.

Taking advantage of technology, Changan Automobile takes a step forward in its brand evolution. Changan Automobile has created a Blue Core Powertrain and launched brand-new, high-efficiency excellent power sets in traditional fuel vehicles.

The Changan CS75 is on the road.

The Changan CS75 is on the road. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Furthermore, the brand has released Changan’s smart core matching hybrid, pure electric, fuel tram, and other models for new energy vehicles. In terms of intelligence, it has achieved automatic driving.

Before 2018, Yunyang residents had to go to Wanzhou District to pick up Changan cars. In 2018, Changan Automobile built its first county-level store in Yunyang, where Changan Automobile’s local sales have grown from 300 vehicles in 2018 to 500 in 2021. Due to Changan Automobile’s positive sales performance, an image showroom was built in Yunyang.

“Our goal is to keep going forward. Changan Automobile is always prepared to let the world witness the strength of China’s strongest car-making and to show the world China’s height of domestic car brands, as a climber never gives up and persists in moving upward,” said a representative from Changan Automobile.


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