The summer in Chongqing brings with it leisure and excitement. Ice-cold drinks, midnight snacks, and extreme sports attract citizens and visitors from all over the world. We at iChongqing, would like to introduce the Chongqing summer to you, with all that you can do, see, eat and experience here!

Because of the hot and humid summer months, Chongqing has an abundance of stores lining the street all selling ice-cold drinks. Anything from a simple cold water to elaborate mixed teas and iced coffees are available at virtually every street corner.

To escape the heat, many chose to stay indoors during the hottest hours of the day but emerge during the nighttime to indulge in midnight snacks. The nighttime is cooler and perfect for enjoying Chongqing’s many kinds of street food outside after dark.

But one of the most interesting attractions in Chongqing are the extreme sports. While not for everyone, Chongqing sees a rising number of extreme sports athletes coming to the city every summer to enjoy climbing, bungee jumping, skydiving and lots more.

  • Shenlong Gorge

    (Nanchuan District)

    The rafting waterway along Shenlong Gorge is 2.8 kilometers in total. Meanwhile, it will take about 50 minutes for the whole journey, with a total fall of 86 meters.

  • Jinfo Mountain

    (Nanchuan District)

    Jinfo Mountain is known as “the royal exhibit of natural plants.” In summer and fall’s evening, when sunset glows on the cliffs, you can enjoy the viewing of Gold Buddha surrounded by a red glow. Also, it’s an excellent place to avoid the heat in summer.

  • A’yi River

    (Pengshui County)

    A’yi River provides a place for water rafting in remote mountains. The distance of A’yi rafting is the longest one among all rafting areas in Chongqing, taking more than 6 hours for the whole journey.

  • Youcao River

    (Shizhu County)

    The 42.9 kilometer-long Youcao River originates in the center of Huangshui National Forest Park. The crystal-clear and bluish-green water inspires Youcao (grass in shiny green). With the average temperature of 21°C in summer, it is credited as a mini Jiuzhaigou Valley by the locals for the bubbling water and serene pond.

  • Ecological Highway Camp in Lengshui Service Area

    (Shizhu County)

    The camp consists of different functional areas, for landscape, forest resort, or outdoor sports. Even in the hottest days of summer, the highest temperature is only 20°C. Taking a walk around, you will find yourself basking in the verdant green.

  • Huangshui Forest Park

    (Shizhu County)

    With abundant resources of plants and animals, Huangshui Forest Park is an excellent place to avoid the heat in summer. Walking through green plants, you can totally relax.

  • Foying Gorge

    (Banan District)

    Foying Gorge is known for the magnificent and grand mountains and permeating mists and rains all the year round, giving birth to a watercourse for rafting. The water rafting here is worth recommending, and you can plow through the waves with a vertical height of more than 5 meters.

  • Black Mountain Valley Scenic Area

    (Wansheng District)

    The Black Mountain Valley Scenic Area has around 97% forest coverage. It is a popular summer resort with crystal clear streams, steep and densely wooded slopes, and serene valleys.

  • Wansheng Ordovician Theme Park

    (Wansheng District)

    It is a theme park that offers exciting high-place programs. The designers have well utilized the local conditions and followed the landforms to create these experience, challenge, and recreation facilities, about several floors high from the ground. The world’s longest cantilever glass bridge, approved by the Guinness World Record, also lies here. Visitors to this site can also enjoy the “cliff swing,” the first of its kind in China.

  • Chongqing Wulong Fairy Mountain

    (Wulong District)

    Fairy Mountain National Forest Park has peaks reaching up to 2023 meters, and the average temperature of this area is a pleasant 24 degrees in summer. It has grassland, rare immense forest, white snow plateau, verdant grass, and forest that make it known as "eastern Switzerland" and "foremost austral pastures."

  • Jiuchongtian Scenic Area on the Lianhua Mountain in Fengdu

    (Fengdu County)

    What will you feel while climbing on an 800-meter-high rock cliff? Via Ferrata Rock Climbing, about 280 meters long, is a new program in Jiuchongtian Scenic Area in Fengdu. Under the professional protection and guidance, visitors will climb the rock and step ladders, and pass the hanging bridge along the ridges and cliffs. It is an exhilarating high-altitude experience.

  • Jindao Gorge

    (Beibei District)

    Jindao Gorge is more like a valley with green mountains and clear water. It’s not only a place to sightsee natural skyline but also a site for canyoning. Canyoning in Jindao Gorge is a recreational and relatively exciting outdoor sport. With the seasoned staffs there, you can get professional guide and support for this extreme sports.

  • Simian Mountain

    (Jiangjin District)

    Simian Mountain covers an area of about 213 square kilometers and is an ideal location for sightseeing. The mountains, dense forests, crystal clear lakes, and stunning waterfalls make for spectacular scenery, and the mountain remains somewhat chilly during the hot Chongqing summer.

  • Xiaonanhai Lake

    (Qianjiang District)

    Called “the bright pearl at sea” in the earthquake zone, Xiaonanhai Lake is an earthquake-induced dammed lake, formed in 1856 and pooled the water from streams blocked by the landslide. It is the largest naturally-endowed lake in Chongqing, with an average temperature of 23°C in summer. Surrounded by mountains and embellished by lush plants, Xiaonanhai Lake is like a bright pearl hidden in the hills.

  • Wujiang Hualang

    (Youyang County)

    Wujiang Hualang (the gallery of Wujiang River) collects mountains, stones, water, ancient towns, and suspending coffins, looking like a romantic picture there. You can tour the beautiful nature by ferry.

The map of leisure and excitement in Chongqing of summer season will bring you into the world of incredible nature and extreme sports. We at iChongqing, would like to introduce the Chongqing summer to you, with all that you can do, see and experience here!