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Opening-Up Platforms

Chongqing tightly conforms to the national strategy by exploiting new outward passage, improving open ports, uplifting open platforms, expanding open subjects and optimizing the social environment, so as to pace up the construction of an inland open economy.

Chongqing in Southwest China has been opening itself to the outside world. In order to be a pioneer of opening-up in hinterland China, Chongqing has a  “1+2+7+8” opening-up platform system.

The system includes:

One national new area

-Liangjiang New Area

Two national characteristic opening-up innovation areas

-China (Chongqing) Pilot Free Trade Zone

-China-Singapore (Chongqing) Demonstration Initiative on Strategic Connectivity

Seven national development zones

- Rongchang High-tech Industrial Development Zone

- Yongchuan High-tech  Zone

-Chongqing High-tech Industrial Development Zone (Jiulongpo)

- Bishan National High-tech Zone

- Chongqing Economic and Technological Development Zone (Nan’an)

- Wanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone

- Changshou Economic and Technological Development Zone

Four bonded zones, three bonded logistics centers, and one test zone

-Lianglu-Cuntan Free Trade Port Area

-Xiyong Comprehensive Bonded Zone

- Jiangjin Comprehensive Bonded Zone

- Fuling Comprehensive Bonded Zone

-Chongqing Railway Bonded Logistics Center (Type B)

-Chongqing Nanpeng Highway Bonded Logistics Center (Type B)

-Chongqing Guoyuan Bonded Logistics Center (Type B)

-Chongqing Inspection and Quarantine Comprehensive Reform Test Zone

A Tour in Chongqing, A Gain in Vision

A Land of Natural Beauty, A City with Cultural Appeal

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