When it comes to summer, Chongqing becomes a city of passion. Even though the heat makes people soaked with sweat, the seasonal activities and snacks just for summer still attract visitors all around the world to experience the special summertime in Chongqing.
There are plenty of summer resorts if you want to do outdoor activities such as ancient towns which can help escape from the heat, and different kinds of water rafting. These outdoor activities bring people a sense of excitement and coolness at the same time.
No matter which way you prefer, here at iChongqing, you can find your favorite places and plan your perfect journey in summer of Chongqing.


  • Black Mountain Valley

    (Wansheng District)

    It is a beautiful place to escape from the heat because 97% of the area is covered by original forests. As an Ecological Scenic Area, it consists valleys, gorges, karst caves, waterfalls, forests, and streams. A plank road with along with a floating bridge is the highlight of the 5A tourism site. A nice place for hiking and fresh, cool air.

  • Wulong Fairy Mountain

    (Wulong District)

    Located in Wulong District, Fairy Mountain National Forest Park has peaks reaching up to 2023 meters, and the averagetemperature of this area is a pleasant 24 degrees in summer.It has grassland, rare immense forest, white snow plateau,verdant grass and forest that make it known as 'Eastern Switzerland' and 'foremost austral pastures'.

  • Yunzhuan Mountain

    (Banan District)

    Yunzhuan Mountain is an excellent choice to hang a hammock and put up a tent among the tall and dense woods. Vast fields of farmland and blooming lotus flowers are a feast for the visitors to the mountain. The hiking trails are original without any commercialized traces. You can also drive to the top of the mountain if you’re not a fan of mountain climbing. In a word, it’s highly recommended for a one-day tour in the urban area.

  • Shuifo Mountain

    (Nanchuan District)

    Shuifo Mountain is hidden among the mountains in Nanchuan District, and some local people don’t even know this place. In such a quiet place, you can enjoy a relaxing weekend.

    It is a forest park featured by evergreen broad-leaved forests. Walking in the woods, you’ll be greeted with rustling wind, singing birds, and light fragrance from soil and green plants. You can also enjoy terraces, waterfalls, and other natural landscapes nearby.

  • Dayuandong Forest Farm

    (Jiangjin District)

    The Dayuandong Forest is not so well-known as Simian Mountain, but the primitive landscape there is a must-see. It’s like a tranquil and captivating paradise, unspotted from the earthly world. What fun it is to play with water and enjoy the view along the way, climb high and gaze far, and have a rest on the hammock in the forest.

    The rock tomb carvings, Dayuandong Tablet and the Confucius Temple offer an excellent chance to appreciate the cultural connotations.

  • Qiyao Mountain

    (Shizhu County)

    This area is like a natural oxygen bar with the annual average temperature standing at 16℃, making it an excellent place for recreation in the summer. This area is like a natural oxygen bar with the yearly average temperature standing at 16℃, making it a great place for recreation in the summer. Over 100 geological relic landscapes scatter themselves over this area, bringing Qiyao Mountain the title of “China’s Jurassic Mountain.”

  • Sanxiayuan Town Scenic Area

    (Fengjie County)

    This scenic area boasts its mountains, waters, grotesque peaks, odd-shaped rocks, deep valleys, lucid rivers, dense forests, and fresh air. You can imagine yourself an immortal in this fairyland, a place that is as beautiful as Switzerland. Due to previous crustal movements, two huge extraordinary cliffs stand opposite each other in the scenic area. Between the two cliffs is a high, narrow pass, looking as if it has been knifed.

  • Mingyue Mountain • Bamboo Sea

    (Liangping District)

    The bamboo sea at Mingyue Mountain is the largest alpine bamboo sea in western China. It has a bamboo forest of nearly 23,333 hectares, with more than 180 varieties of bamboo growing. With 100,000 negative oxygen ions in one cubic centimeter of air, the bamboo sea is one of China’s first forest oxygen bars. In addition, it is known as 'Hometown of Shouzhu in China.'

  • Nanshan Botanical Garden

    (Nan’an District)

    Nanshan Botanical Garden is one of the best sunflower viewing sites in Chongqing. Here you can see over 20,000 pots of sunflowers of 10 plus varieties are arranged into sunflower filed and sunflower maze, providing exciting places for recreation and science popularization.

    Whatever poses you take, you can be perfectly presented in any photos. Although the garden has seen the bloom of sunflowers for more than one month, it’s still a good place for photo taking.

  • Zhangguan Water Cave

    (Yubei District)

    Known as the first underground river in Asia, Zhangguan Water Cave boasts its water and is the nearest and largest natural karst cave on the outskirts of Chongqing. With its fresh and clean air, moderate climate, a constant temperature of 18℃ all year round, and ever-flowing lucid underground river, the cave makes the best place for people to beat the heat in the summer.

  • Jinyun Mountain

    (Beibei District)

    Jinyun Mountain, located at Wentang Gorge of Jialing River and famous for its rosy clouds, is the ecological barrier of the main urban area of Chongqing. It is a perfect choice for avoiding the summer heat, admiring the winter fog, and watching the sea of clouds and the sunrise.

  • Xiuhu Park

    (Bishan District)

    There are diversified flowers and plants in Xiuhu Park. The lake is surrounded by many wetlands, making it a desirable place. The park provides an RV camping base, where you can have a barbecue.

  • Wuling Mountain Rift Valley

    (Fuling Distric)

    The rift valley is karst land feature, with hundreds of millions of years’ erosion by wind and rain. There are mountains, forests, gorges, waterfalls, caves, springs, etc. inside the scenic area. The rift valley area has more than 95% forest coverage, with more than 2,000 species of plants. Because of its abundant resources of plants, wild animals regard here as natural home. Therefore, it is the 'animal kingdom' as well as the 'geological museum'. Moreover, there are abundant spring resources inside the valley, which springs will never stop.

  • Yuanbang Firefly Manor

    (Yubei District)

    Yuanbang Firefly Manor is located in Yubei District. When summer night falls, the fireflies flying all over the sky, like the beating notes in the quiet night. Wandering amidst, you may feel as if you were in the Milky Way, with the sparkling 'stars' near at hand. In addition to firefly viewing, there are also other options such as couple exclusive experience, natural science education and food agriculture education, camping, and RV experience.

  • Firefly Cultural Creation Farm

    (Shapingba District)

    Located in Shapingba District, the farm boasts picturesque scenery and is a good place to relax and return to the countryside. When night falls, fireflies are flying all over the forest, a movie-like romantic scene that cannot be missed. This wonderful experience of being surrounded by happiness is like a fairy tale in the real world. Besides watching fireflies, this farm has more to offer.

This map of spots will help cool you off in Chongqing under the heating weather, which including outdoor sports, scenic areas, and good places for family tours. iChongqing will introduce all you can do and experience around in this hot season!