Man and Nature need to coexist in harmony. When we take care to protect Nature, Nature rewards us generously. When we exploit Nature ruthlessly, it punishes us without mercy.

——President Xi Jinping

Ecological restoration
Former Quarry Transformed into Ecological Tourist Getaway | Chongqing Travel Guide
Marvel at new-found beauty of Tongluoshan Mine Park
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Smart Daily Life | Alex in the City
Massage chairs, battery bank, rental bikes, charging stations for the energy vehicles...It looks like you can do everything in China as long as you have a QR code.
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Chongqing Opportunities: Green Finance | Roundtable
iChongqing invited three distinguished guests from finance fields to discuss the opportunities and plans they can expect as green finance take shape in Chongqing.
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Exploring Yintiaoling National Nature Reserve
The Yintiaoling NNR has retained the original natural environment and enjoys the reputation as the green lungs of Chongqing.
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Joining a Trash Running in Chongqing| James' Vlog
Event combines running and environmental protection
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Chongqing: A Path to a Greener Future
The Mountain City Trail is a featured brand here, including Mountain Forest Trails, Urban City Trails and Riverside Trails.
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Climbing Chongqing: Remember the Past & Embrace the Future
Farewell to the past year and 2022 will be brand new.
Last year, the city we are in is changing quietly.
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